Tory Isurection

Ladd Everit of CSGV gives a crazy rant to a visiting group of schoolkids.

He’s angry and unhinged, as well as a liar. If he likes the UK so much, hes welcome to leave.

Of course comments and ratings of this video are removed, but the big laugh is he’s giving this rant to a bunch of Brit school kids who likely know nothing about guns, nor care, and are probably bored to tears by his foolishness.

Well played, Laddy!

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  1. 25 minutes, good lord man, I think I’d rather sit through 25 minutes of debate in congress.

    About when does his breakdown happen? I’m sensing a new post coming on.

  2. Archer says:

    I’d bet a dollar to a donut-hole the visiting students didn’t get any information from the pro-rights side. Not that they’d be allowed/able to use it back home anyway, but it’s important to hear all sides of a debate. Now we have yet another group of Brits who believe that the “evil NRA” controls everything and doesn’t represent “mainstream” America. Why? Because they heard it from a “mainstream” American!

    Control the message, and you control the hearts and minds of the proles.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Not that they’d be any less bored by a talk from a 2nd Amendment speaker. The only thing that would be a hit with them is if they hit up the NRA shooting range for a Basic Pistol Course…and for that school administrators would be fired for a “dangerous” excursion where nobody was hurt, and everybody had a good time.

      One must remember that because of the gun bans that all happened before they were born, and their parents lived in a society where guns were restricted in similar manners to Massachusetts or California, there is effectively no gun culture in the UK, and even carrying a simple pocket knife with you is a severe criminal offense.

      Their only exposure to guns is video games and movies, and I’m sure even those things are guilty pleasures with emphasis on guilty.

      I hang out in a chat room where there are lots of Brits. One of the other guys is a gunnie who’s just starting his collection. He shares his latest acquisitions and questions with me. It never fails that if a Brit is around they have to make a snide remark about “Crazy Yanks” or murder, even if we’re just talking Mosin Nagants or target shooting.

      I suspect there needs to be a LOT more riots before things change…and it’ll be the working class that pushes the reform, as the kids probably all cheered on the rioters.

  3. Greg Camp says:

    I recall being a teenager. When we went on a class trip and had to listen to someone like this, we all sat there passing notes, making jokes, and generally ignoring the boring adult. Why were these poor kids forced to hear this rubbish?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      We had a motivational speaker in school who was the mother of some pro Basket Ball Player (I have never followed tree-hockey so I don’t know if this guy was ever well-known, but I’d never heard of him) who had gotten into drugs and was shot in some gang-type altercation.

      Her talk was rambling and shrill, and my overall take-away was A) She probably was putting a LOT of weight on the guns, and bending the truth a bit about how much of a junkie her boy was and B) She was totally crazy.

      I’m guessing somebody in CSGV knew somebody from the tour group, and the teachers wanted to pad out the trip with “Education” before the kids spent most of their time blowing their money at various gift shops and malls, which is sadly the #1 take-away from field trips to DC.

      My Dad always bitches about it as when he was teaching they’d take his grade to DC on a trip. The year I was in his class he told me I couldn’t go, and we took our own trip on school vacation. We saw all the sites and had a good time. Apparently in the school trip the kids are all given spending money, and any time they get near a mall or shop suddenly the stop runs WAYYYY long.

  4. He makes numerous errors, but the biggest one is that he assumes that his “students” care about what he’s saying. He’s attempting to cram a college level class into the heads of a couple of kids on holiday. He’s assuming that they care about the subject, which would be fair if they signed up for a class on stupid gun grabber ideology, but that’s not what they are there for. He utterly fails to engage them.

    Here’s how I would engage them.

    “Hello. Let’s start with a question. Who’s afraid of guns?”
    Wait for a show of hands.
    Mumbled crap about them being used to kill people
    “But you guys live in a country that utterly bans the possession, sale, and transport of handguns and makes it a 6 month proctology exam to get police permission to get a shotgun, which you have to disassemble and store in a gun safe when you aren’t hunting. Why do you need to be afraid of guns? There should by no gun crime at all in Britain. Your country has adopted all the rules that this bald clown here advocates and you are still worried about criminals running about with guns. Doesn’t sound to me like your gun control thing is working very well. ”

    Then I’d go on an extended riff about how, sure, murders are higher in the US than in the UK, but EVERY OTHER SINGLE VIOLENT CRIME IS HIGHER. Plus your police count murders differently than we do. For us, dead body, not suicide or accident, or negligent = +1 in the “Murder” column at the FBI statistics branch. In UK, until there is a murder verdict, it’s not counted.

    The key is to engage and have some audience participation. I’d be willing to bet that after 30 minutes anyone who could engage them could trash his position to the point that they’d be off to the shooting range as soon as their minders left them alone. They’d know WHY the FedGov can’t regulate firearms unless they were currently in interstate trade. They’d understand our actual arguments instead of the straw man arguments Thunderfoot tells them about. And worst of all for CSGV, they would be participating in a discussion that came to my conclusion, and not theirs.

    He’s a terrible public speaker.

    • I will give him this. He’s finally found a group that will sit politely through his bullshit, a bunch of kids from a foreign country that actually have less political pull in this country than he does.

      He had to look far and wide to find a target he could punch down at.

      Also, is there any evidence that there was any balancing counter argument presented?

      • Weerd Beard says:

        I doubt the Brit administrators would WANT to hear a pro-gun message for fear of losing their jobs for being controversial. The Anti-Rights platform is VERY Euro-Friendly.

        Also I suspect if one of the kids wanted to do something more interesting or educational, they’d face detention back home at BEST! 8)

        The best audience for the insane, a CAPTIVE one!

    • Jack says:

      Great idea on how to engage them.

      Made quote of the day with that.

  5. Old NFO says:

    Another crazy Yank is what they’re thinking… And IS IT OVER YET???

  6. Thirdpower says:

    Hopefully they do a survey at the end of the trip to find out what the kids liked and didn’t like. I bet I know what comes up last.

    And Sean nails it, he has no idea how to relate to this audience. He’s so used to being at ‘rallies’ of foaming at the mouth anti-gunners that think he’s smart w/ his pseudo history and fabricated numbers that he can’t adjust from his talking points.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      To be fair, the only difference between this group and the standard Anti-Rights rally, is Anti-Rights Cultists WANT to be there. I suspect the kids in the audience know nothing about guns, but suspect they’re really bad, and know nothing about American crime stats or law, and most definitely know NOTHING about the US Constitution, or the American Revolution. Its our most important historical moment…but to the Brits its just a backwoods colony they lost…like India, Palestine, Hong Kong, Malaysia….the list goes on. And there are places like Bermuda, Canada, Australia, and lots of other Imperial territories that they essentially just gave up ruling. America isn’t that big a deal, and its taught as such in school.

      So really the only difference is they probably didn’t really care, but I doubt they even suspected he’s full of shit.

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