Rebuttal for the Political Coward

So our friend, troll, and hypocrite Jason Kigore AKA: “Baldr Odinson” has a blog. Like most antis his talking points are so paper thin that he was forced to remove his comment section (to save him time from simply deleting all comments on his blog).

Still he dropped some whoppers, so I feel the need to rebut. First this gem:

I’ve been asked to guest-blog over at the MikeB302000 blog for the rest of the month while Mike is on vacation. I’m happy to do so, alongside the other bloggers there, Dog Gone and Laci. I’m happy to do so. I’m not going to re-post all of my posts there, but here is one I posted there today….

Well first his standards are AMAZING! He’s happy to blog for an admitted criminal, addict, and drug dealer who both illegal owned guns and committed who knows how many felonies…but doesn’t find that to be relevant to the discussion of gun control. That says a ton right there (also the comment section is all but non-existent there as well), but let’s get to the meat!

I love the mental backflips the gun guys do in their opposition to putting suspected terrorists on the NICS background check prohibition list. And then THIS happens…..

Well we talked about the “Terror Watch List” here pointing out what an abomination the “Terror Watch List” is. First A) even if it did contain dyed-in-the-wool Terrorists, its all done without court convictions, and even a set definition of what exactly a “Terrorist” is. I call them “Anti-Rights”, not just “Anti-Gun” because they’re just as against due process and other individual rights as they are against people owning guns. Of course B) Many real-deal terrorists were never on the list, and C) Most of the people ON the list are NOT terrorists, and likely never will be terrorists.

So yeah, thems are some CRAZY backflips there Jason Fake-name! Oh but let’s not skip this one:

If he had just stuck to buying semi-auto handguns, rifles, or assault rifles, and as much ammo as he could afford, he wouldn’t have actually been breaking the law. Lucky for us, he wanted a machine gun and grenades.

And if a “terrorist” doesn’t commit any acts of violence or terror…well they won’t be breaking the law either…and we have no problem. Also I’m not being so stupid as to say that one needs to actually start killing people before the law can do ANYTHING….but Jason knows that too, as he was one of the many antis talking about this story , where an officer is suspended and possibly facing charges over TALKING about killing Michelle Obama.

And he closes with pure irony:

Haters, like terrorists and insurrectionist gun nuts, love to come together on social media. They aren’t mainstream enough to find enough like-minded pals in real life.

Kilgore is pretty much the sole proprietor of “Cease Fire Oregon”, and writes a blog with almost no readership, and has no public support at all. Let’s just re-post this video:

Yeah us gunnies don’t have a leg to stand on…and we’re all terrorists. *snicker*

Post number 2 is just as good:

Geraldo Rivera became notorious for blaming teen shooting victim, Trayvon Martin, for wearing the wrong clothing, saying that the hoodie he was wearing was what led George Zimmerman to stalk and shoot to death the unarmed boy. Said Rivera, “I think the hoodie is as much responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death as George Zimmerman was”

Yeah because Rivera has never said anything stupid, or totally bet the farm on something that wasn’t true.

Hey but let’s ignore that in Zimmerman’s initial 911 call, and post-shooting interview points out that he was concerned about Martin because he was aimlessly walking in the rain in a way that looked to him like casing houses in a neighborhood that had recently had a number of break-ins, and Zimmerman expressed concerns that he might be on drugs. Also before Zimmerman got out of his car Martin had both A) checked him out, and B) took off running (but for some reason didn’t run to his nearby home, but instead doubled back).

Zimmerman got out of his car and attempted to locate him for the Police who were en route…when Martin came back and attacked him. He was shot as he was beating Zimmerman’s head into the pavement.

All of that had EVERYTHING to do with his fucking sweatshirt.

Thanks for playing!

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  1. Tom says:

    Where Baldr gets it wrong is that Ulukbek Kodirev pleaded guilty to plotting to assassinate the President. THAT’S a felony whether you have a gun or not! He got his machine guns and hand grenades from an agent (FBI? Secret Service?) as the U.S. was building the case against him. The article describing this in the NY Times has one short paragraph about the guns, and ten paragraphs about all the other stuff Ulukbek had been up to. Baldr tries to make the story about guns, but it just isn’t.

  2. Borepatch says:

    Challenge him to an Internet duel …


  3. Cargosquid says:

    “They aren’t mainstream enough to find enough like-minded pals in real life.”

    Record Attendance at the 141st NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits!

    The official attendance of 73,740 is the LARGEST NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits on record for the longest running shooting & hunting show in the world. With over 500 exhibitors, the exhibit hall was packed with NRA members the entire weekend, many of whom traveled from all over the country to attend the event.

    Um…..what was that again, Jason?

  4. Greg Camp says:

    Don’t forget the SHOT show or the many other gun shows that run every few months in the free parts of the country. The gun control crowd is a septic tank compared to that mainstream.

    I did a little checking. Mikeb isn’t posting his web traffic data anymore. My guess is that his numbers have plummeted since he handed moderation over to Dog Gone. Now he has Jason Kilgore writing for him? I wonder how much fun they have whining to each other about how no one else is listening.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      His site meter widget can still be accessed, and his numbers do appear to be down a bit.

      Of course his daily number have always been about half what I generally do, and I’m a 3rd Tier blogger at best. Most of the guys like JayG, Robb Allen, Sebastian, Thirdpower, Linoge et al get about 1,000-2,000 hits a day, and that’s small potatoes compared to Uncle or Glenn Reynolds, or Michelle Malkin.

      His readership is small, and relatively unchanging, but it seems that he did lose a few over the recent switch.

  5. Bob S. says:

    They aren’t mainstream enough to find enough like-minded pals in real life.

    Right us ‘gun nuts’ can’t find enough like minded pals in real life

    So, is that is why in the middle of a huge market that has literally dozens of public and private ranges; our little private gun club has only 2,200 members.
    That is why we have meetings with regular attendance in the 80 to 100 people range. We have yearly banquets with with attendance up to 350 people. Our swap meet and BBQ on the 4th had over 200 people.

    That is why our little blog shoot (one of many held around the country) in April had over 17 people show up. Most of them connecting through ‘social media’.

    As far as the hoodies goes, it shouldn’t surprise me to see the antis blaming this on an inanimate object, they’ve been blaming “guns” for deaths for decades.

    What is more obvious is the lack of depth in the anti-rights cultists analysis. Never mind the fact that Trayvon was exhibiting suspicious behavior, never mind the fact that his behavior fit the pattern of burglars, never mind the fact that his actions after being spotted was typical of thugs and of some drug use, never mind the fact that a healthy teen could have made it to safety of a house that was 210 feet away; nope let’s blame it on an article of clothing that millions of others wear.

    They don’t want to engage in deep analysis because it shows the shallowness of their argument. They don’t want to engage in deep thought because it shows the how little truth there is to their argument.

  6. RuffRidr says:

    “I’ve been asked to guest-blog over at the MikeB302000 blog for the rest of the month while Mike is on vacation. I’m happy to do so, alongside the other bloggers there, Dog Gone and Laci”

    Ah, I see Brave Sir Baldr has joined the MikeB circlejerk, but apparently moderation had to be in place first. Otherwise, he might be forced to defend his positions.

  7. Thirdpower says:

    Wait. This is the same guy who threw out his own poll results because we gathered all of our people to skew the results.

    They do not live in any form of reality.

  8. Linoge says:

    And to add to the NRA Convention and SHOT Show, do not forget about the Gun Blogger Rendezvous, where authors and commenters from all over the world (literally) take time out of their busy schedules to hang out with one another.

    We cannot find “like-minded pals in real life” my ass.

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