Truth Deficient

So we laughed at NGVAC’s “Fact Sheet” that contained zero facts a while back…they doubled down.

Starbucks Is Feeling the Burn of Their Own Brewing — National Gun Victims Action Council (NGAC) Reports Starbucks Losing Thousands of Loyal Customers Due to BREW NOT BULLETS Boycott…THE BOYCOTT IS WORKING
“We’re less than 5 weeks into the campaign and over 2,000 loyal long-term Starbucks customers have stopped spending money, on average $71 per month, at Starbucks stores and on their products,” says Elliot Fineman, CEO of NGAC. “They are repulsed by Starbucks support of the NRA’s Lethal Pro-Gun Agenda.” (see comments below).

“The boycott will keep growing, it is a continuous effort and it has only just begun,” Fineman says, adding, “The Starbucks boycott is a specific way consumers can use their purchasing power to help create a safer society for themselves and their loved ones.” To join the effort, go to 3 CRITICAL THINGS TO DO NOW.

BTW to support their claim that “2,000 loyal long-term Starbucks customers have stopped spending money, on average $71 per month” they cite three (3!!!) anonymous comments. Again THREE their n=3, 3! III Really!

Oh and want a harder laugh? If you click on the “3 Critical Things to Do NOW” one of those things (and possibly the easiest thing to do EVER) is to “like them on facebook”.

311? And remember that two of those “Likes” are “Baldr Odinson” and “Jason Kilgore”, they have 2,000 people active in the boycott, and yet only 1.5% of them have a facebook account? further there isn’t a single person who doesn’t shop at starbucks supporting the anti-rights agenda?

We call that a “Lie”, but hey that’s just silly anecdotal evidence! Really it could be all a bunch of Luddites who love Starbucks and but love NGVAC and hate the US Constitution more, and also don’t know how to use a computer. Right?
The big claim made by NGVAC was “Starbucks Stock will Plummet!”

If you have a laptop you might want to flip it upside down for the sake of Elliot Fineman. Elliot, you just got caught in another lie!

I doubt he’ll pay me too, but I’ll take whatever he wants to give me.

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  1. Thirdpower says:

    Bagdad Elliot in action. There’s not a single comment made on their FB page supporting them. There is something seriously wrong w/ his head.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Its one thing being an internet troll like the usual suspects, or even a designated shill like Jason Kilgore or Joan Peterson who make the occasional local news spot talking about how awesome their movement is, or their pet bill is in nebulous terms. Its another thing for Elliot to show up on National TV and claim something that is not only an amazing feat but one that’s 100% fabrication, and easily verified. Not just by inquisitive minds like myself, but by Starbucks themselves. It wasn’t like Bagdad Bob was thinking he could turn back the US Military in Iraq with his fabricated news stories of Iraqi Heroics, and might, because we knew that we had tanks in Bagdad, and we knew our forces weren’t being defeated. Of course Bob was talking to the Iraqi people in hopes to incite foolish acts of bravery on behalf of those who hadn’t yet taken up arms against America. Elliot is talking to….well 300 shills who will do, what exactly?

      This is certainly not healthy behavior, and given that he has Mikey Bloomberg and a large chunk of the Brady Board patting him on the head for his “Good Work”, shows just how crazy the whole movement is.

      • thirdpower says:

        It’s not even ‘300 shills’. The majority of those 310 people are pro-gun advocates so he’s talking to a few dozen at most.

        • Weerd Beard says:

          And given the trend Sebastian noted in their facebook comments, maybe a dozen of them actually shopped at Starbucks even BEFORE the whole Brady Campaign attack on open carry started.

          And of those people I wonder how many of them are like the Limousine Liberals that lament the problems in the 3rd world while admiring her conflict diamond jewelry.

  2. maddmedic says:

    Starbucks is coming to a store near you…In our case we, in this coffee shop infested town, are getting Starbucks in our Target, which is one of the 4 or 5 stores worth going into here.
    Heh….will have to buy a cup now and then…

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Not to mention the Starbucks products branded for independent retail sale, like their bags of coffee and bottled drinks found in every place where coffee and drinks are sold.

      But also honestly I’m not a Starbucks (or any coffee shop) customer. I’m just not in that market, and frankly they don’t care. They don’t NEED me to help counteract one of the 3 people Eliot got to walk away from Starbucks. There are dozens of new kids every day who are discovering coffee, or starting to get their own money to spend on confections. And of course there are people who are growing old or developing health problems, or passing away that no longer shop at Starbucks.

      Its the circle of life of ALL businesses, and for a international corporation like Starbucks the 100+ window lickers Elliot Fineman can cook up for his non-existent cause doesn’t even make the needle twitch.

  3. RWC says:

    Well, from what I have witnessed regarding the Starbucks Boycott is that if I ever open a business I will get down on my hands and knees and PRAY that CSGV calls for a boycott of my shop.

    I’d be retiring early.

    • Cowboy Dan says:

      A school board once threatened to ban Mike Royko’s “Boss.” He wrote them and said, please do, it will be good for sales. I’m not sure where he stood on 2A issues, but he would likely have wanted anybody to give him free ink.

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  6. Linoge says:

    Y’know what? If the “gun control” extremists out there want to deny themselves some little pleasures in the name of “DOING SOMETHING!”, then more power to them. They are only hurting themselves, and in the end, they will not accomplish anything.

    Why? Well, as with so many things, the nonsense they spout about us is actually applicable to them – the “gun control” movement consists of a few hundred paid employees and shills, if that, along with a few die-hard cultists, and… well… that is it. They have no grassroots. They have no background support. They have no social conventions or get-togethers. Crap on a crutch – most of the “gun control” extremists out there cannot even stand each other… just look at the fracturing of the authors at Bonomo’s place.

    And so we have stupid-assed self-congratulatory posts like these without a single shred of evidence to support their circlejerk.

    Just wait, though… when the economy takes another tumble, if it affects Starbucks’ stocks/revenue, you can be sure NGVAC will be there to dance all over it…

  7. 45er says:

    That, suspiciously looks like an increase in stock price. Weer’d, why do you manipulate the numbers so?

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