I found this article via the Brady Campaign. They aren’t known for being big thinkers, but man there are limits for even rank stupidity. This article is entitled “When Are Light Bulbs More Dangerous Than Guns?” Ok you have my curiosity, when?

Gunwise, the Republican National Convention in Tampa presents the party with some knotty issues. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has designated the August convention a “National Special Security Event.” Guns will be prohibited inside the convention hall and in a safety perimeter around it….Mayor Bob Buckhorn has banned a number of items during convention week. They include: metal knuckles, mace, paintball rifles, hard plastic that is more than ¾ inch thick, wood that is more than ¼ inch thick and aerosol cans. In the area around the convention defined as the “event zone,” glass bottles, light bulbs and locks that are not attached to a bicycle will be forbidden. As will pieces of rope more than 6 inches long as well as sticks, poles or water guns.

All of these items are banned on the presumption that they might cause harm. Guns don’t make the list.

Guns don’t make the list because banning guns is specifically illegal in Florida. But are we really looking at it the right way? The anti-rights goons are bitching about guns being allowed…but they aren’t noting the sheer stupidity that Mayor Buckhorn is banning light bulbs, bike locks, pieces or rope and squirt guns!

Mayor Buckhorn is obviously a Nanny-State Moron, but because he’s anti-gun, the Brady Campaign and their mentally deficient compatriots are singing his praise.

BTW, there will be people carrying guns in the Convention…as well as lots of rope, light bulbs, and master locks, and pieces of plastic will get past the security checkpoints, and the WORST thing that will happen will be Mitt Romney getting the Republican Nomination.

The reason why this OTHER STUFF is banned is because Mayor Buckhorn CAN ban them!

Remember, anti-freedom, not anti-gun!

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  1. So… Homeland Security has the event itself covered. Not guns permitted inside (to us pleebs anyway), as well as a safety perimiter around it. The Mayor is expanding that perimeter calling it an “event zone” and is banning… well… pretty much anything he can think of.


    The kind of people who are going to go into his “event zone” and start a riot (or even a bit of trouble) aren’t going to give two shits about breaking some dumb arbatrary city ordinance. Of course, the same Mayoral rif-raf that would make such ordinances is the same type of dumbass who sets up a stage with a sound system as a “Free speech zone” (yes, as I understand, they are doing this). THIS IS THE FUCKING UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND IT’S ALL ONE BIG GINORMOUS FREE SPEECH ZONE YOU IGNORAMOUS! You don’t have to set one up… it’s built in. I wonder what the penalty for doing some “free speech” outside their “free speech zone” would be. HEY! I wonder what would happen if someone decided to USE that free speech zone for speech that Mayor Ignoramous doesn’t LIKE! Wouldn’t that be funny, gettin busted for free speecherizing in a “free speech zone”.


  2. Greg Camp says:

    Politicians being fools? No shock there. What constantly alarms me is that people like this mayor get into and stay in office. Why are citizens voting for these clowns?

  3. Ratus says:

    Can you ban something thats already banned?

    FL 790.09 Manufacturing or selling slungshot.—Whoever manufactures or causes to be manufactured, or sells or exposes for sale any instrument or weapon of the kind usually known as slungshot, or metallic knuckles, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

    • TS says:

      That doesn’t seem to cover possession.

      Both this and the mace should be covered under the second amendment, though.

      • Weerd Beard says:

        +1 Keep and bear ARMS, not keep and bear FIREARMS.

        Knives, impact weapons, and chemical offensives should be covered.

        Of course those non-gun weapons are often banned because these were popular weapons with the poor, which is the group always most effective by such anti-freedom laws.

  4. Rob Crawford says:

    Great. By forbidding the attendees to carry in the venue, they’ve made it impossible for them to protect themselves on the way there — which is when the Black Bloc and their friends plan on attacking them.

    (Unless there are lockers and such available at the hall, where they can disarm before going into the convention. But I doubt they’ve planned that far ahead.)

  5. Bubblehead Les says:

    Gee. Why it only seems like last week that the Governor of Florida told the Mayor to “Pack Sand,” and said he wasn’t going to issue an “Edict” denying the Good Citizens of Florida their RKBA.

    And now Homeland Insecurity has stepped in, ignoring Florida State Law, and has decided to issue it’s OWN Edicts.

    Can you say “Police State,” Boys and Girls?

  6. Linoge says:

    Fun question: if firearms cannot be banned at the Convention, how does the convention security team plan on setting up checkpoints to catch people bringing in all the other stuff? I mean, they are not exactly going to be able to run with metal detectors, and no one wants to handle a loaded firearm in public, so…

    • Weerd Beard says:

      They can still run detectors and arrest people illegally carrying. I’ve seen it done in areas where there is security but licensed carry is allowed. You tell them before the detector and after it buzzes you expose your gun(s) and reload(s) and they wand you for everything else.

      • Linoge says:

        ‘Cause that doesn’t leave holes in your security that Thor could walk through…

        Or address the plastic and wood restrictions.

        Once again, security theater is just that…

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