Union Thuggery

As you all know I hate unions. People have the right to freely associate, tho people don’t have the right to not support the public schools and their ridiculous unions.

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis announced late Sunday night that weekend talks had failed to resolve all the union’s issues. “We have failed to reach an agreement that will prevent a labor strike,” she said. “No CTU members will be inside of our schools Monday.”…“This is not a small commitment we’re handing out at a time when our fiscal situation is really challenged,” Vitale said.

We’re in a recession, the states are strapped for funds….but boy those Unions want more. I can’t can’t blame them because they’ll get it, as the State can’t simply shutter the schools and stop taxing the citizens for it, and let them pursue more reasonable avenues. Sure you can put your kids in private schools…but you’ll still be footing the bill for these greedy goons. Also with the union the state is stuck with the trouble of firing ALL the teachers, or heeding their wishes.

Go follow the link to see what the teachers are paid and compensated for. I suspect there are MANY people who would be willing to do that job for that price, but because all the laws of economics are forfeit with public-sector unions, we have this horrible impasse.

Private sector unions get what they deserve…people in India and China doing their job. Public Sector Unions are simply a hostage negotiation.

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  1. Thirdpower says:

    Never mind the fact that the schools have a 70% below reading avg. and a 55% HS graduation rate.

    Such a fine job they’re doing.

  2. JDRush says:

    Apparently the food service is part of a different union. Yesterday, they stayed open to serve lunch. Wonder if they are doing the same today.

  3. HerrBGone says:

    Rahm won’t do it, but the right answer might be to Reaganze the union. OK, all you striking air traffic controllers, I mean teachers, you have twenty minutes to get your @$$es back in class or the unemployment numbers will be going up. Oh right! If you get fired for just cause you don’t qualify… S2BU!

  4. HerrBGone says:

    Oh crap! That didn’t come out right! Weerd, you need a preview button.

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