Welcome Worn Out

Seems the Kill the Jews Movement is coming to a close.

Mayor Vincent Gray has called on the National Park Service to remove Occupy DC protesters from McPherson Square, citing rat infestation and other health issues.

I think they’ll keep evicting them to thin the numbers so that the movement is dead as disco come the summer, because the LAST thing President Obama needs is a picture of somebody holding an “Obama/ Biden 2012” sign with somebody taking a shit on public land squatting behind them.

Good riddance to the filthy Marxist racists!

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  1. North says:

    They should stay and be the eyesore that they are.

    Once they are gone the MSM will paint them in a positive light. Whitewash the whole thing.

  2. Bubblehead Les says:

    I think they’ll be back in the Spring, sprouting forth like Weeds through the Cracks. They’re just another part of someone’s Campaign Strategy. Notice in the Story, the FEDERAL TAX PAYER FUNDED PARK SERVICE still supports their “Right to Protest.” But if a Tea Party Group tried to Occupy some Federal Park Land…..

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