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A lot of you have likely seen a TON of this picture:

Not only is it the lead for what is the most read article at Weer’d World, but CSGV has taken to re-publishing it without my permission.

Many have asked me to file a cease and desist order for copyright infringement, which I do have solid grounds to do. Still A) I really LIKE that picture, so why would I mind that a bunch of anti-freedom types seeing it. B) They’re breaking the law, not me, and they KNOW they did it, as they cite the website they took it from directly. With point A, why would I want to eliminate point B? and C) I can use it to draw attention to who makes the shirt. My full review of it is here, and I’m going to buy this one right now. Its one of my favorite shirts because its a neat design and its REALLY soft and comfortable, and even after over a dozen washes it still looks brand new.

So buy some shirts from Mike, it pisses off antis, and it’ll make you smile!

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  1. “How dare you not scurry back under the rock from which you crawled! How dare you enjoy your moment of fame! It’s almost as if you actually believe in what you say and are willing to stand in public and defend it!”

    Sometimes the monsterous arrogance of the antis just baffles me. It’s another case of projection, I think. I remember when Jade thought he was embarrassing me when he posted my Facebook photo, in armor at Pennsic. He apparently thought I should be ashamed of a photo I posted as my public Facebook profile pic. Dufus.

    I think it’s not the guns that piss them off, it’s the grin. It says, “Hey all you haters! I’m happy with my guns and my candle. You’re all just a bunch of angry scolds.” Then they have to see themselves in the mirror and they hate what they see.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      That armor picture is awesome! Why would you be anything but proud of it?

      Of course they aren’t normal or adjusted people, nor are they particularly well-known for standing up for their beliefs. It probably pisses them off when people quote them, or cite them when they do things that are hypocritical when they’re off the clock, or when they let the truth get through the filter. So they just assume that repeating our words might upset them.

      Then again it DOES appear to be riling up the Choir who’s always in a threat of falling asleep, so maybe they need to look at my mug for their Two Minutes Hate, who am I to shy away?

      But unlike Emmanuel Goldstein, I am VERY real!

    • Cargosquid says:

      Which Pennsic? I was at 16. Awesome, awesome time! That was in belly dancing hit the SCA for the first time. The Tuchuks went crazy with it.

  2. Molon Labe says:

    x2 on ENDO Mike’s shirts. I bought the “Keep Calm and Carry One” shirt from him and I get asked about it every time I wear it.

    Great guy, great shirts…

  3. Jon says:

    I have that shirt and one other one and I love them – they are awesome.

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