You’ve Lost Kos, You’ve Lost the War

Gun control is an extremist ideal of the very far left. I suspect that’s why the Brady Campaign fired Republican Paul Helmke. But even when it comes to the far left, only a small fraction of those don’t agree with the anti-rights extremists!

First Mikeb302000 was banned from the Daily Kos for being a troll and openly hostile to the Kos Members, now the CSGV is trying to push the posts of a common fool on Kos.

Have a read of those comments. I bet antis read this and say “Look at all the right-wing trolls on Kos!”

You’ve lost Kos, you’ve lost the war. You have no allies left!

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  1. Greg Camp says:

    I’ve noted that most of those who comment on gun control blogs are in favor of gun rights. As Mikeb302000 even acknowledged, there aren’t many gun control blogs, especially in comparison to our numbers. If we’re in a popularity contest, we’re winning.

  2. Bubblehead Les says:

    Funny. The Article says there were nearly 2 MILLION incidents of Workplace Violence reported, and nearly 11% were Homicides! OMG! Using round numbers, that’s 200,000 MURDERS A YEAR! THEN they say nearly 80% of the 506 Homicides were caused by Guns and…. wait a minute. 200,000 minus 400 Gun Deaths….what happened to the other 199,600 Homicides?

    Or are they using the same Math Principles that Nancy Pelosi uses?

  3. Linoge says:

    Wow. They tossed him so fast I think I heard his ass bounce from here.

    DU is about the only place left that is still a somewhat friendly environment for “gun control”, and even that is something of a stretch. Given that the anti-gun-control folks at DK jettisoned Bonomo, it probably will not take them long to get rid of this jackass.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      To Be fair Bonomo got booted for being directly hostile to the Kos Kids. This guy will just get what Bonomo gets at democrat underground, which is : “Really? This shit again?”

  4. Jack says:

    I also really liked the response to the “Well what would you compromise on?” troll question.

    And the guy pointing out that negotiation is distinct from capitulation.

    And the response to the guy saying there’s no organized gun control movement was hilarious. “The Brady’s are a dream? Whew.” They do seem to be in a bit of denial as to the lefty nature of the anti’s but are spot on by calling them authoritarian.

    Wow, even a few people notice the class-warfare nature of gun control.

    Hehe. Oh that’s funny.

    • ed says:

      I wanted to comment on the KOS article, but I think I’m too ticked to figure out how, so I’ll put this here:
      I will not negotiate how I exercise my freedom speech. I will not negotiate restrictions on my freedom of religion. I will not negotiate any right, but those rights people seem to understand. I will trade you nothing because I am owed the full measure of my right already.

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