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“Gun Death” Witchcraft

At least it wasn’t a gun! Assailants stripped, tortured and bound a woman accused of witchcraft, then burned her alive in front of hundreds of witnesses in a Papua New Guinea town, police said Friday after one of the highest … Continue reading

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More Signs of a Political Change

Rand Paul! Sen. Rand Paul strongly signaled Sunday that he’s interested in running for president in 2016, saying the Republican Party needs something different than “cookie-cutter conservatives.” The Kentucky senator, who has been watching his star rise in the party … Continue reading

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Bloomberg Vs. LaPierre

Too bad they didn’t get to go directly at each other. We know LaPierre is fine with that, Bloomy doesn’t want to play

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Colion Noir Rules

So glad that the NRA is supporting this guy, given how stodgy and out of touch they’re starting to seem.

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A Cure For Viruses?


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Glock Vs. Kahr

Neat video! The Glock 36 really strikes me as more of an afterthought into making a single-stack gun, while Kahr doesn’t make double-stack guns, and given that they now own makers of double-stack pistols like the Baby Eagle pistols, I … Continue reading

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Funny Forward

Got this email from a friend. I can’t imagine its true, but its funny! BREVARD, Jan. 19, 2008 – Retired Army Green Beret James T. (Smokey) Taylor got his court martial this weekend and came away feeling pretty good about … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Mexico

Mexico has strict gun control, and also very high “Gun Death”…but not in this case: The U.S. Embassy in Mexico says an American woman has been found dead in the central Mexico city of San Miguel de Allende. Funny how … Continue reading

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Maybe The Senate is Listening to Gunbloggers

No word on the nuts and bolts, but this sounds like what gunbloggers have been talking about for years: According to the sources, Senator Joe Manchin — who has an “A” rating from the NRA and is trying to win … Continue reading

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Morning SCIENCE!!

From Uncle Jesse: Just cool!

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