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Zero Tolerance With Teachers

You know except when it might make sense: A bipartisan bill that would stop convicted sex offenders from working in schools has been passed by the House but is running into a foe as it heads to the Senate: major … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Drug Addled

This is an interesting one: A Mineral Wells woman who had taken methamphetamine and other drugs likely crawled into the chest freezer in her garage where she died, according to a medical examiner’s report released Thursday by police. Shannon Herrin … Continue reading

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The Anti-Gun Witch-Hunt is On!

In the UK! A 3D printer and suspected “homemade” gun components seized during police raids in Manchester are being examined. Officers initially thought they could be a “plastic magazine and trigger” which would make a “viable” gun. But a man … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Police

Remember we trust police with guns! A Los Angeles Police Department officer was charged with assault for kicking a handcuffed woman seven times in the groin, abdomen and upper thigh before the woman lost consciousness and died, prosecutors said Thursday. … Continue reading

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Yet Another Ascension Post

This makes #5 for me in just under 12 years of gameplay!

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“Gun Death” Daredevil

People talk about “Gun Death” claiming guns are somehow unsafe. A wingsuit flyer died after plunging into a valley in rural China during a trial flight for the world championships. Hungarian Victor Kovats was found with a smashed skull at … Continue reading

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Advice from One Mom to Another

Via Rockstar who is just plain awesome! Repeat the following: 1. She’s safe 2. She’s fed 3. She’s clean 4. Nothing’s on fire It’s really hard to retrain our brains to let go of all the other stuff that needs … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” New Jersey

It is not the tools, its the monsters among us we need to worry about. Police are searching for the suspect who sexually assaulted, beat and robbed a 96-year-old woman in her southern New Jersey home. Relatives say the masked … Continue reading

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“Reasoned Discourse” Cowardly

So Clinton got heckled in Buffalo about Benghazi. Her response to the heckler was “We need to sit down and talk rather than yell”…which is valid…but ironic given that the heckler was being escorted out of the venue, and she … Continue reading

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Cops and Guns

Here are a few stories sent to me by Les. The first one is just sad. Northern California sheriff’s officials and family members say deputies shot and killed a 13-year-old boy who was carrying a replica assault weapon. Two Sonoma … Continue reading

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