According to Tam they’re raiding TJIC’s House.

I have no idea about the particulars in this case, the back-story is here.

Speaking in general about Massachusetts firearms law: You need a permit to OWN guns in Massachusetts. These permits allow you to posses guns and ammo, and allow you to buy them.

Some info here on permits, but thumbnail they go like this.

All permits are issued for 5 years, and all but the Class D FID cost $100

FID (Firearms Identification Card): They come in Class D and Class C. D is for PEPPER SPRAY and other defensive sprays ONLY, and is $25. yes it is a crime to carry defensive sprays in Massachusetts without a firearms permit. C allows you to buy and posses Long guns that are considered under Massachusetts law as “Low Capacity”. The General understanding is a “High Capacity gun” is a gun who’s standard magazine accepts more than 10 rounds for rifles, or 5 rounds for shotguns.

LTC (License to Carry Firearms) they come in Class B and A. Don’t be fooled by the name, this is NOT automatically a carry permit! Class B) allows the bearer to buy “Large Capacity” long guns, and handguns, but not “High Capacity handguns”. Open carry is technically legal in Massachusetts with this permit, but more on that, Class B permit holders may NOT carry concealed.

Class A, allows you to buy any guns or ammo that are legal in the state. This permit can be restricted by your law enforcement issuer. Common restrictions are “Employment Only”, or “Target and Hunting Only”. These permits you can only carry a firearm on your property, or in the case of “Employment Only” while you are at work. If there are no restrictions THIS is the Massachusetts Carry Permit.

OK onto issue, FID cards are “Shall Issue”, if you can pass a background check, and your payment clears you WILL be issued this permit. LTC cards are different, they are “MAY Issue”, and any applicant can be denied issuance for any reason. Any permit holder may have their permit revoked for any reason. The only formality is that the Chief Law Enforcement Officer must inform you in writing WHY they are refusing you.

Remember that bit about open carry in Massachusetts? There have been several cases of ACCIDENTAL exposure by Mass LTC A holders (I can think of no direct Open carry stories), and in all cases the gun owner was detained, and made to show his card. At a later date the card was revoked, or re-issue wad denied. The reason given was “Bad Judgement”, the token catch-all for over-zealous police who hate guns in Massachusetts.

Now for TJIC, he HAD an LTC A, and it was revoked for some off-color political statements he made. He has been re-issued an FID. Since Massachusetts has universal registration, he likely has “Large Capacity” firearms, and/or handguns registered to his name. I suspect a warrant was issued to seize those guns, as it is a crime to posses them without the proper licenses.

This is how bad it is as a gun owner in Massachusetts. When I renewed my permit this year I was getting very close to possessing my guns illegally simply because the card renewal system is so bogged down with new applicants. I also renewed my Maine permit. In Maine I can open carry, or simply posses and shoot my guns in a legal fashion without a permit. The fact that my Maine permit took forever to renew is an inconvenience, the fact that my property becomes a CRIME because the system is Broken in Massachusetts is a tragedy!

We’ll see where this goes.

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16 Responses to Anti-Freedom

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  2. Erin Palette says:

    I know people are stuck there because of jobs and/or family, but for the life of me I do not understand why gun owners choose to stay in Massachusetts.

  3. Tam says:

    Since Massachusetts has universal registration, he likely has “Large Capacity” firearms, and/or handguns registered to his name.


    It was his fiancee’s guns they took.

    • The_Jack says:

      And if I’m correct there was *no* warrant issued.

      And Jenn has her permits right?

      So… it’s the cops confiscating guns of an associate of a person they don’t like, who has committed no crime but dared to apply for a permit.

      If I’m following it right.

      • anon says:

        I have it on good authority that the choice presented was “give us permission to search the house, or we get a warrant and a lot of stuff gets broken when we search the house”.

        Not saying that this sort of things happens “in general”. Saying that that’s happened THIS TIME.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      And she has a valid LTC A? if so that’s pure bullshit. TJIC has committed no crimes, and is not a Prohibited person, so there is no issue unless he leaves the property alone with a gun.


      • Tam says:

        And she has a valid LTC A?

        As I understand it, yes.

        • The Jack says:

          Which shows a contempt for laws, even their own anti-freedom laws.

          In Mass they could have yanked Jen’s LTC A for ANY reason at ANY time. All they needed was to have a CLEO rubberstamp a letter.

          And then they’d have had all the *legal* means to go through the *legal* motions of getting to her guns. Or at the very least forcing them out of state and *inspecting* her house.

          That they could not be bothered to use the capricious and all powerful legal methods they had in their hands it very telling.

  4. His firearms were likely confiscated when his LTC was revoked and he won’t be getting them back. I imagine that we won’t hear a lot more about this because his lawyer is on the case and it will be heading to court.

    As I said back when the original incident happened. I didn’t agree with what he said, but his LTC should not have been revoked because he said it.

  5. AZRon says:

    For the most part, I don’t care what happens to these “citizens”. If they can’t be pissed to ignore a Pariots or Bruins game, and overwhelm the voter fraud, they get exactly what they deserve.

    When WE hold a majority, whining after the fact is just a pathetic excuse for laziness and/or corruption.

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  7. Formynder says:

    And here I thought that Texas had too many gun laws/restrictions… This is just absurd!

  8. Will B. says:

    Come north to New Hampshire man! None of that crap is needed here. Just $10, a background check and if you pass, you get your carry license for 5 years. Want to buy an AR15, AK74, Glock 17? Just the 4473 form and nothing else! It’s amazing how in 1 foot of boarder, laws governing man can change so drastically.

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