Awesome Video

So much good here. The armed vet is calm, polite, and comes across as an ideal gun owner. The Hoplophobes bring the stupid, and are taken down. They’re further dressed down for demanding something illegal to be done. Also its worth a note that the Mayor notes that they aren’t just anti-gun but anti-freedom, wanting to pass rules on wearing hats in the council chamber. Of course you know that isn’t their only push into the personal lives of others.

Finally the Mayor thanks the lawful citizen for sharing his thoughts and bringing up the issue, and notes the truth. people are safer when honest, armed people are around.

Such a good video!

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3 Responses to Awesome Video

  1. Cargosquid says:

    Umm… linky to video

  2. 45er says:

    That was such a surprisingly good reaction. I definitely thought it wasn’t going to go in that direction.

  3. If they weren’t such statist pricks those 2 would have nothing to fear…

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