Bad Beard Day

You know you might be due for a beard trim when a stranger stops you on the sidewalk and asks:

“Playoff beard?”

No, no it isn’t….but I can see why you think that.

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5 Responses to Bad Beard Day

  1. tommy says:

    I feel you. I keep trying to go for Gandalf, and keep getting Gimli.

  2. HerrBGone says:

    I once had a little guy on his way in to the mall as I was on my way out look up in awe and tug on Daddy’s sleeve while whispering “Daddy! HoHo!” I just gave him a smile and a wink. He caught me. 😉

  3. Critter says:

    i ceased letting my beard grow out when i realized i looked like a cross between Che and a weird mountain man.

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