Big Fish and Hippie Tears!

I’ve seen a few videos of this today. That’s a BIG damn fish!

he initial news coverage of the Texas men who hauled in a half-ton shark from the waters off Southern California on Monday certainly didn’t reflect the reader reaction. Whereas broadcasters expressed awe at the potentially record-setting feat of reeling in a 1,300-pound shark, letter writers were apoplectic

And Makos are powerful and MEAN sharks! That’s quite a feat!

Still Hippies can’t let anything be!

“I am sickened and appalled at the front-page coverage of this story. Why are we glorifying such a brutal, cruel and unnecessary killing of this magnificent creature?

“These men should be charged with a crime. Maybe that would curtail such horrific killings in the future.”

Charged with a crime…for no laws broken? Gotta love “Progressives”!

Also this is hands down the dumbest comment!

“These self-satisfied males are all no doubt six inches taller and far more macho for having killed this lovely animal. What did they do with it? Eat it? I doubt it.”

Said by a dipshit who’s never tossed a Mako steak on the grill! These big Mackerel Sharks (Great Whites Included) are FANTASTIC eating fish!

Hey, but they’ll just project their own feelings based on ignorance onto others. It would be even better if these guys donate some of the shark meat (once its been confirmed as a record) to local food pantries. That would REALLY piss off the hippies!

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3 Responses to Big Fish and Hippie Tears!

  1. Rob Crawford says:

    Here I was impressed by my 30lb tuna…

  2. Bob S. says:

    So the fact that a shark is a predator and eats lots of cute little fishies means nothing?

    Yeah, I think projection explains most of their statements; which is incredible sad and a little frightening.

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