Blood Dancing: Itching For It

So I think we all know by now that the MSM got just about everything wrong on the Washington Navy Yard shooting, with the exception of the actual location of the bodies.

This big thing is the weapons used. CSGV wants facts be damned, for the guns used to be high-capacity “assault” weapons for them to push bans on. So much that they wrote this little presser.

He traveled to a state with weak gun laws to obtain a firearm(s). And he is reported to have employed the weapon that has now become the choice tool of cop killers, mass murderers, and insurrectionists nationwide—the AR-15 semiautomatic assault rifle….Our message to federal and state legislators: Strengthen and expand background checks for gun purchases and ban the military-style assault rifles and high-capacity ammunition magazines so frequently used by mass killers. And let us make it clear to them that if they continue to put our loved ones in the line of fire we will do everything in our power to end their political careers.

Well that’s a big load right there! First up, the guns used by all the mass-killers were bought legally through background checks, and as far as I can tell NOTHING proposed by CSGV or any other member of the anti-right lobby would have changed, or prevented that. Further the events in Colorado (and this is just the tip of the iceberg) shows how hollow those threats are, especially for such a poorly staffed and funded group of marginalized lunatics that are CSGV.

Still the big news story for the day is there was NO AR-15. As far as I’ve heard (but still the news is hazy), the killer used a Remington 870 pump-action shotgun, and obtained 9mm pistols from guards killed by this shotgun.

There was no, AR-15, and that is an inconvenient truth for the flunkies at CSGV….but facts be damned! Remember the words from the playbook!


This isn’t just an obscure publication, this is their marching orders!

Also from their presser:

There is no other democracy on the face of the earth in which killers like Seung Hui-Cho, Jared Loughner, James Holmes, Wade Michael Page and Aaron Alexis would have legal access to any type of firearms, much less battlefield weapons. There is no other free society that allows the gun lobby to write its own laws.

Could anybody point to a battlefield where an AR-15 is the weapon of war? Yeah, well when the truth doesn’t work, LIE!

Since CSGV will likely wise up to their stupidity, I took the initiative to save their page to! Find it here!

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2 Responses to Blood Dancing: Itching For It

  1. Thirdpower says:

    They did update their presser w/ an editor’s note but that still didn’t stop them from using the old ‘insurrectionist’ bit and calling for bans on AR’s.

  2. TS says:

    Waiting periods. Maybe that will be the big push after this. Because we all know he wouldn’t have been a killer by Thursday. Or they’ll keep going with the bans on private sales. It had about as much to do with Newtown, but that didn’t stop them.

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