To Big To Fisk

Thirdpower links this inside look to the minds and strategies of the anti-rights cult.

I’ve almost finished reading it, and I suspect I might pull a few excerpts from it to play with, but REALLY it is Amazing.

Take this page:


Experience tells us that the specific facts of a high-profile gun incident are revealed over time. If we jump
to conclusions about those details, we could find ourselves at odds with reality as events unfold.
So, the smartest thing to do is avoid linking our message and arguments to any one set of partially-revealed facts. We shouldn’t assume the facts.
But, we also shouldn’t argue ourselves into inaction while we await clarity about details.
The clearest course is to advance our core message about preventing gun violence independent of
facts that may shift on us over time. (“While we don’t know the specifics of this tragedy, we know far
too many people are killed by weak gun laws in this country.”)
Of course, once a fact is clearly established, it makes sense to rely on it to advance your case

They aren’t even trying to conceal it. Avoid facts and logic, play on emotion, and dance in blood. There are a handful of foot-notes that appear to reference “Studies”, I haven’t checked those out, but about 80% of the book simply outright states “Facts” without attribution or support….which makes sense as many parts advise activists to avoid statistics and focus on loaded bleeding heart phrases like this one that has so far appeared TWICE in the pamphlet.

Just imagine the pain that a mother or father feels when their young child is gunned down.


Still I suspect the foot-notes that ARE there are a who’s who of Bloomberg and Joyce Money funded “Studies”. This is quite impressive!

Well everybody, we have a reading assignment!

**UPDATE** Looks like the link has been scrubbed! Replacement supplied via Miguel!

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12 Responses to To Big To Fisk

  1. Eck! says:

    Its a guide on how to create their anti-gun related propaganda.

    They list all the techniques or more correctly specific case techniques.
    The appeal to emotion, speaking as an authority, fuzzy facts, and a long list
    of known propaganda techniques. However the largest one is the the big lie,
    that being the concept of without “gun violence” we will be safer.

    Worth reading as its the definitive playbook of the antis. If you understand the underlying technique its very easy to turn those same things on them.


  2. Bob S. says:

    Had to chuckle when I saw the title; my mind instantly completed it as shown below
    PREVENTING GUN VIOLENCE THROUGH EFFECTIVE MESSAGING ….. we are still trying to figure out how to do it.

    and here we find out why “Baldr Odinson” who witnessed a shooting classifies himself as a victim:

    Amazing they actually seem to be encouraging people to portray themselves as victims no matter how tenuous the connection to ‘gun violence’ may be.

  3. Eck! says:

    Pick a bullet in the book and assign one of the following to it.

    Common techniques:
    -Word games
    -Glittering generalities
    -False connections

    Special Appeals:
    -Plain Folks

    Logical fallacies:
    -Bad Logic or propaganda?
    -Unwarranted extrapolation


  4. Eck! says:

    “Just imagine the pain that a mother or father feels when their young child is gunned down.”

    The same thing from he other side…

    Just imagine the anguish as parent knowing you could have defended the mother of
    your young child that had been attacked while you were defenseless and over
    powered by a knife.

    Same technique, appeal to emotion and the common man.

    They know how to do it. They don’t have a concise or complete package and they are facing a larger more motivated counter that are both emotionally attached, a long
    history, and have factual information to support them.

    There resides the outline of of a propaganda master. Dislike the person but observe the sociological study that it represents. Social engineering is what the antis are all

    I’ll close with a sample of propaganda:
    The campaign against lawful gun owners should be addressed to the elected officials. They should be made to visualize our loss of safety and ability to defend our family and homes. These victimhood crusaders wish to make it easier for the lawless to hurt and
    maim. We must make elected officials feel our frustration and fear. Defense now!

    Now, none of that is arguably false. Its emotional and it redirects our frustration to
    someone we can act against. We used loaded words “gun grabber” and catch phrases like “victimhood crusaders” to vilify and discredit the other side. We even have a slogan.

    Now that was a weak hack job but you can see propaganda has no one master.
    I’ve posted about this before and feel that knowledge of how it works and is used
    makes it easier to debunk the anti-gun promoters and hold rational discussion.


  5. TS says:

    Look at how many of their “argument/counter” series involves redirecting and ignoring the argument. If someone brings up the ATF’s Fast and Furious program, criticize the NRA.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Again, their main argument is “Stay clear of facts”, our side broaches arguments because we’ve read the facts and care about them. Their side is a cult and they believe what they believe, and facts (and the lives that hang in the balance) be damned.

  6. Instinct says:

    “Just imagine the pain that a mother or father feels when their young child is gunned down because they weren’t allowed by law to have a weapon to defend them.”

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