Book Review: Guide To Gun Holsters

A few months ago Tom McHale of My Gun Culture let me know he was writing a book, the Insanely Practical Guide to Gun Holsters. I downloaded it on my Kindle and started reading immediately.

Now first up, I was really reading this book for sport and curiosity more than anything. I’ve been carrying for about 6 years, and overall my carry methods have been pretty solid for all of that. You can see my own carry guns and holsters here.

Tom Talks about his “Box of Holsters”, I know Jay has one of those too. I don’t. Overall I did my research and bought the guns and holsters I wanted, and stuck with them, and have been very happy with the results.

So given my background I didn’t think I’d gain much knowledge about guns and holsters. Hey but I’m a gun nut, so reading a gun book would be fun.

Well for starters it WAS fun. Tom is very funny, and loads the book with light-hearted, and silly humor. I mentioned to him while I was reading that many of his jokes reminded me of books by Dave Barry. Tom replied that Barry was one of his favorite Authors. It really shows, and shows well.

Also Tom heads off chapters with some of his “Half Cocked” comics, makes for a good start to a chapter.

OK well while funny, it isn’t a comedy book. How is it on Holsters and holster talk?

Damn good, it appears that Tom’s “Box o Holsters” is bigger than most I’ve seen, also most of the holster boxes I’ve seen are filled with no-name cheap garbage, but Tom reviews many reputable brands I know of, and several I haven’t heard of before. Nothing he reviews is “junk”, so you aren’t wasting your time reading about items that are unsafe, or impractical. Also his reviews are broken up in topics, like Off-body carry, Belt Carry, Belts, Holsters for Women, etc. He explores many methods of carry and holsters I hadn’t thought of.

Now granted I’m happy and comfortable with how I carry every day, still I found some new holsters and methods that might be useful.

So even if you’re pretty well-read on holsters, there still some new materiel here.

Overall I was VERY impressed with this book, and despite my late review (sorry Tom), it was a quick read.

Give it a read!

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6 Responses to Book Review: Guide To Gun Holsters

  1. McThag says:

    I have a small box of holsters.

    I’d actually gotten the IWB style I liked all figured out and was comfortable with it.

    Then I bought the Corvette. Chevy just didn’t leave room for a gun because the seatbelt latch is right where the butt of the pistol lays.

    That led me to the wild world of shoulder holsters, which work from mid-September to late-May most years around here. Then it’s teeny pocket guns or heat-stroke.

    Does he have a chapter on fat-asses and tropical climates? That’s what I need.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I know New England summers aren’t exactly like Florida ones, but Does a light cotton shirt like in my summer wear hold in too much heat? That’s what I get by on most days.

      Of course the straps hold in heat like nobody’s business, so I also tend to pocket carry when I’m in the hot summer elements.

      of course my pocket gun is a 5+1 .45 that’s smaller than a J-frame.

      • McThag says:

        I think that my spring/fall cotton shirt would do if I lost about 100 pounds.

        Being crippled makes getting exercise difficult and the aforementioned heat makes that exercise seem like a suicide attempt!

        Then it comes down to style… Cargo shorts, sandals, t-shirt and a cotton shirt over the top… I think I look dumb enough on my own. 😉

        • Weerd Beard says:

          Just start packing the muscle on your upper body! Your arms and shoulders are fine, right? Also getting strength in the shoulders arms and chest do amazing things to pistol groupings.

          I bet your Corvette will fit better too! 🙂

  2. Formynder says:

    I blame all the gun blogs for my not having a box of holsters. I have a couple of Uncle Mike’s holsters from when I tried to find something for my Steyr M9A1, but since I was in Texas at the time it quickly became apparent that wouldn’t work. Now I mostly use custom leather holsters, one from Michael for my Baby Eagle, and the Fugly from Dragon Leatherworks for my 1911.

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