Cold Duck!

Not the garbage wine, but some really cold ducks!

A flock of tiny ducks are recovering not far from fawns, squirrels and other birds at the WildCare rescue facility in Noble.

“They happened to hit a storm at the wrong time,” Wild Care Director Rondi Large said. During Friday’s storm, ice coated every exposed surface, including the wings of the migrating water fowl, forcing them to land.

From the air, roads covered in ice glistened like ponds and lakes. Some of the ducks mistakenly thought they were landing in water when they crashed into the asphalt.

“The edges of their beaks have very bad bruising and bleeding on the end, so they must have nosedived,” said Large.

Thaw out, guys!!!

H/T Jennifer!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Poor little guys! Knew that story was right up your alley.

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