Sea Monster Caught on Cam

I have NO idea what to make of this:

HerrBGone suggested it might be a giant squid of some sort. At first glance the massive squishy surface looked a little like a Colossal Squid, but I can’t see any arms or tentacles, which can be retracted, but the bigger thing is no eyes which on all of these deep sea squid are MASSIVE. Like the size of dinner plates.

Not seeing any major body parts at first I thought maybe its a massive tunicate colony.

Still looking at 4:15 I see what looks like the head and gills of a gastropod.

This page says its a Deepstar Jellyfish.


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5 Responses to Sea Monster Caught on Cam

  1. Pyrotek85 says:

    Yeah it does look like a jellyfish, a weird one.

    It doesn’t look solid enough to be a squid. They might not have skeletons but they’re muscular.

  2. tommy says:

    So… if it IS the Deepstaria Enigmatica… does that mean it came around again, decided the ROV wasn’t tasty enough, then flash its junk at the scientists? Because if so, THAT’S the kind of sea creature that you want to hang out with.

    I mean, that’s a hell of a thought process. “Can’t eat it, it’s not trying to eat me. It’s not a rock, so maybe I should see if it’s up for a little Jellyfish lovin!”

    Gotta respect that…

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Probably not too far from the truth. The abyssal region of the ocean is mostly vast expanses of NOTHING. No Bottom, no surface, no light, no creatures. So when an abyssal organism of any species encounters another organism they really do have a rather urgent need to interact with it, and those three are it. You either escape it, eat it, or mate with it! They can’t take encounters lightly as they never know when the next time they’ll encounter something!

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