“Gun Death” Kids With Bowling Balls

Obvious Need for Safe Storage:

A 13-year-old Fort Worth boy confessed to killing his 5-year-old neighbor by hitting him twice in the head with a bowling ball, according to allegations detailed in a detention hearing Friday.

The teen made the statement about the death of Sida Osman after people found him crying, according to a summary of the case against the teen read by a county employee during the hearing.

Associate Judge Kim Brown ordered that the teen remain in custody and said she will appoint him an attorney today.

A horribly sad story, but we can take this all apart using “Gun Death” logic. First up, this child was NOT at a bowling ally. Really the only time you NEED a bowling ball is at a bowling ally. So not only should all bowling balls be locked up to prevent child access, they should probably be locked up at a bowling ally. Further to BUY a bowling ball you should show membership to a bowling ally or bowling league to make sure you are indeed buying the ball for “Sporting Purposes”. Also note that this ball had 3 “Assault Features” drilled into it. No word if the kid used the finger holes during the attack…but since when did that matter?

And to step back into the realm of logic, while I type this I wonder if there had been any signs of such violence before by this kid. 13 is a pretty big boy, and while not the most rational or logical creature in existence, 13 year old boys should be well aware that a 5 year old skull and hard objects should never meet at your own hand.

My heart goes out to the family, and my spurn goes out to those who shill “Gun Death” and ignore cases like this.

h/t Bob

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