False Reality for Kids

This video is making the rounds, and its pretty sick propaganda:

Engage Fisk-mode:

First up no mention of the terrorist attacks stopped by TSA. Mostly because they haven’t. These checkpoints are worst than worthless, because they cost us BILLIONS and violate our rights.

Second: “Do we get our toys back?” Kinda. Molly’s bear will be returned as it is of little value, but electronic devices are frequently stolen. So for your handheld game, laptops, tablets, and even firearms…maybe not!

Third: Metal detectors? What is this, the year 2000? No the TSA uses scanning technology to look at your privates. If you refuse (which is your right) a pervert will touch your genitals. All violating your 4th Amendment rights and stopping NO terrorists!

Fourth: Not scary? Sorry, but this should be HORRIFYING to anybody who’s awake! This is CRIMINAL behavior, and it is for NOTHING!

In the end, its a bunch of lies pushed by a criminal organization!

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  1. Archer says:

    Fifth: That baby bottle looks like it held more than the required “3 oz or less.” So NO, in fact, Molly WON’T be getting her milk back!

    Sixth: My kids – EVERY time we’ve flown with them – HAVE had to remove their shoes before walking through the metal detector; the metal buckles and grommets set the damned thing off. So much for the whole “kids under 12 don’t get screened” crock.

    This whole video is a lie!

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