For Those People Who Don’t Understand “Causation” and “Correlation”

The Sandy Hook Killer….Dance Dance Revolution Addict!

But while many of his video games were violent, others were not. For months before the killings at Sandy Hook, he would go to a movie theater on weekends to play the dance game “Dance Dance Revolution” for hours, the report recounts.

Of course nobody is saying DDR lead him to kill. They are saying the fact that his mom was a shooter and gun owner, and that he played games like Call of Duty, and Grand Theft Auto, ARE reasons why he did his horrible deeds.

According to the reports they’re also trying to blame the Autism Spectrum.

What these assholes miss is that shooting is one of the most rapidly growing sports in America for all ages, races, and gender. Further games like Grand Theft Auto, and Call of Duty gross more than a whole summer of Hollywood blockbusters (which also tend to be pretty crazy violent), and of course we’re still trying to understand more about the Spectrum of Diseases known as “Autism”, but as we expand the definition of this I think we all know SEVERAL people who have one form of the Spectrum or another.

The bottom line is this killer was a rare and horrible creature, and that’s why this small town in Connecticut is a household name.

Still we need to look at REAL evil and read between the lines here. Do you know somebody on the Autism Spectrum who plays violent video games, and has access to firearms?

I can think of more than a few, and an assload more who can walk into a gun shop and easily walk out with whatever wiz-bang gun people want to wet themselves over.

I am not in the LEAST bit concerned about these people. I would trust them to watch my daughter without a second thought.

Yet this article claims they need to be feared and vilified.

How horrible is that? It seems the anti-gun people are ALWAYS looking for witches to burn.

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