GFZ Work!

San Francisco has essentially NO carry permits.

As it stands, each city police chief and county sheriff is allowed to award permits at their discretion. San Francisco has long been stingy with the permits. The sheriff’s office has awarded just one in the past 30 years – and it expired in 2008. Two residents have permits obtained through the Police Department, according to city records.

It works GREAT!

San Francisco Police are investigating the robbery of a television reporter in which a security guard fired shots at the assailants.

Police say that incident occurred about 8 p.m. Friday in a high-crime neighborhood of the city. Police say that a person walked into San Francisco General Hospital a short-time later with gunshot wounds. They are investigating whether there’s a connection to the robbery….The holdup is the latest in a series of robberies of San Francisco Bay Area news crews.

Does that feel like “Safety” to you? Because that’s how gun control fanatics define it!


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