“Gun Death” Arson

Ban Gasoline

The survivor of an arson fire that killed three members of his family accused his former lover in court yesterday of setting the blaze because he had spurned her and married another woman.

William Chen, 35, of Claymont, Del., testified in the Delaware Superior Court trial of Vicki Chao, 45, of Queens, N.Y.

Chao is charged with three counts each of murder and felony murder and one count each of arson and conspiracy in the March 9 deaths of Chen’s daughter, wife and mother. The victims, who all died of smoke inhalation, were Anna Chen, 2; her mother, Juo Jing Hong Chen, 31, and her grandmother, Lien Yu Chen, 56.

A second suspect, Tze Poong Liu, 57, also of Queens, is accused of being Chao’s accomplice. He will be tried separately on the same charges. Liu is being held without bail at Gander Hill Prison for a trial that is still to be scheduled….Investigators found a spring water jug containing gasoline at the scene. Present with the jug in court, Chen said that he had never seen it and that no one in his family ever drank spring water.

Things that everybody has access to, but very few of us commit brutal acts of murder. The same goes with guns and “Gun Death”

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