More from the Tiny Baby!

Man I really think we needed a bigger baby!

Infant Stroller

This met me at the train today! Seriously baby you are dwarfed by EVERYTHING!

And because my daughter lounges like a champ!


Mommy Chair

Couch Baby

That last one is a Boppy Pillow which is for breast feeding, but I have yet to meet or hear of a single woman who uses it for that! Its really ideal for putting a baby inside of so they can sit on their own.

Back to daddy work!

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8 Responses to More from the Tiny Baby!

  1. Thirdpower says:

    They get bigger a lot faster than you expect. Keep the shotgun primed for when she starts bringing dates home.

    And we have one of those pillows. I use it for my couch naps.

  2. Stuart the Viking says:

    One of my little ones was so small that we had to buy doll clothes to have something that actually fit her to bring her home from the hospital. Even the premie clothes were too big.

    I agree with Thirdpower. They grow WAY too fast.

    Fair warning, be ready for the urge to buy a bigger shotgun… I have a big, scary looking, all black, semi-auto shotgun with extended mag tube. A real “Oh shit I’m dead” looking thing when viewed from the wrong angle (if you catch my drift). Even so, sometimes I look at my daughters and think maybe a punt gun isn’t such a bad idea.


    • Weerd Beard says:

      I’m still waiting from UTAS to see if they’ll send me a UTS15 shotgun. I kinda want one of them!

      • Instinct says:

        That would certainly get the young man’s attention.

        My father in law tried the shotgun routine with me. Only problem is I looked and said “Nice 870” and proceeded to talk guns with him for about an hour.

  3. Instinct says:

    Yeah, they do grow fast. My little girl was 6 lbs and 12″ long when we brought her home. 8 weeks later and she’s now 12lbs and 22″. Kid’s growing faster than a weed!

    My wife actually does use the breast feeding pillow, but it also doubles as a lounger for the little squirt.

  4. Archer says:

    Boppys rock! My wife used one for breastfeeding the daughter, and propped her up to lounge in it. She still sleeps on it (she’s 6 now).

    That papasan seat looks comfy. We used one of those, too. Also great for lounging, and they vibrate! 😀

  5. Is that a baby in your lap or are you just really happy to see me? Congrats on your firstborn! She’s a cutie-pie!

  6. Cargosquid says:


    I’m the one that makes all the threats. My wife is the one that will scare them. Something about “skinning them with a dull spoon.”

    I’m just weeding out the stupid ones and saving their skins.

    My daughter is 13….but thankfully, is still a tomboy and hasn’t met any “cute boys” yet. Says that there are NONE in her school.

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