“Gun Death” Big Snake

For those with fear of snakes, move on:

The mother of two small boys strangled by a 100-pound (45-kilogram) python in their sleep earlier this week in Canada had posted photos on Facebook last year of the boys playing in and cleaning her neighbor’s snake enclosure…The snake, an African rock python, apparently escaped from its enclosure, slithered through a ventilation system and fell through the ceiling into the room where the young boys were sleeping, authorities said. They had been visiting the apartment of a friend whose father owned an exotic pet store on the floor below.

The entire film “Anaconda” wasn’t that scary! Of course since this was a LIVING Python, and not a Colt Python this is not a “Gun Death” so it is not relevant to the anti-rights fanatics.

H/t Nancy

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5 Responses to “Gun Death” Big Snake

  1. falnfenix says:

    the police are still considering this a possible homicide case, rather than death-by-snake.

  2. Old NFO says:

    Didn’t it turn out to be their snake? Or was that another story?

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