“Gun Death” Commuter Train

As a train commuter this is pretty scary!

A New York commuter rail train that derailed on Sunday morning, killing four people, was traveling at more than double the posted speed limit for the curved track where it crashed, officials said on Monday.

A National Transportation Safety Board review of the black box data recorders on the Metro-North train showed that the seven-car train was traveling at 82 miles per hour before it entered the curve, which has a posted speed limit of 30 miles per hour, said Earl Weener, an NTSB board member leading the probe.

The posted speed limit before the curve was 70 miles per hour, Weener said, adding that the train’s throttle was reduced to idle six seconds before derailing and the brakes were activated five seconds before the accident, which injured 11 people critically

Boston as a general rule doesn’t get much right, but I’m happy right now to say that most of the commuter rail tracks leading into the Hub are damn near arrow-straight. Also its nice for my commute that the trains never need to slow down to 30 until they reach North Station where switches create a bit of traffic.

Still 4 dead and 11 critically injured is no friggin’ joke, and it will probably be linked to negligence of the operator. Still “Progressives” LOVE trains, so I won’t have to worry about changing my commuting plans in the near future. Only “Gun Deaths” are a concern to them.

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