“Gun Death” Hands in the Home

If you have hands in your house you’re ,7,000,000 times more likely to be strangled!

A South Florida man killed two of his sons early Saturday before killing himself at his estranged wife’s home, police said….Victoria Zavala told detectives that she was watching TV when she heard a commotion. She went to check on the boys and saw Zavala choking one of them

Here’s an interesting angle:

Zavala was also discovered in the kitchen with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, police said.

So he HAD a gun, but he chose to strangle his kids. I thought guns caused crime, or made it “too easy” to murder?

Its almost like its the people, and not the tool!


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  1. Roadkill says:

    That little pig fucker in Conn. had a room full of TINY children at his mercy. When dealing with kids that young, guns are superfluous. A machete, club, a rope or a can of gas plus lighter could have easily killed those kids. He was a man in a building full of women and children. He could have had a simple shotgun or revolver to take care of the adults and then he could have beat, strangled, raped, burned or done anything to those children he cared to. His crimes could have been infinitely sicker. They were totally defenseless. 30 years ago, a teacher would have gotten a gun from his or her car and put a few rounds in that shit. Thank you, liberals, for making the world so much safer.

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