“Gun Death” Less Lethal

There’s a reason why they call them “Less Lethal”

Relatives are asking for an independent investigation into the death of a Miami Beach teen who died after police used a stun gun on him.

Israel Hernandez-Llach had turned 18 shortly before police found him spray-painting a shuttered building early Tuesday. The teen ran but was eventually cornered. Chief Ray Martinez says the teen ran at officers, one of whom and shot the teen in the chest with the stun gun. Hernandez-Llach went into medical duress and died at a hospital.

I think they mean Taser, rather than Stun Gun that is a contact weapon. Still play stupid games, win stupid prizes. No word if this is one of those Taser Deaths exacerbated by drugs, or if it was just dumb luck.

Still these officers didn’t read the manual supplied by the antis…only guns cause death!!


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