“Gun Death” Mass Stabbing

If this was America, and it was a “Gun Death” it would be national news…but it isn’t.

Mexican investigators made the grim discovery of the bodies of eight people at a home in the northern border city of Ciudad Juarez on Sunday, and said the dead were believed to be related.

The victims, including three children, were found bound and appeared to have been stabbed to death, according to Chihuahua state prosecutors.

Prosecution spokesman Arturo Sandoval said the bodies were found early Sunday and apparently were members of the same extended family.

As we know from the bloodshed directly attributed to the ATF “Operation Fast and Furious” by giving Mexican criminals crates of guns and then escorting them to the boarder and then take no further action until the Frederales contact the ATF about a murder investigation, that “Progressives” don’t care at all about the lives of Mexicans. Further “Progressives” only care about “Gun Death”, so this is doubly a non-story.

The story points to this massacre being drug related, so maybe some of those bodies exhumed from the shallow graves are bad people who have done bad things…but what about the children? Also I deeply suspect that the Mexican government actually counts CHILDREN when they report a story, rather than the “Progressive” trope that somehow a 26 year old drug dealer is a “Child”.

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  1. Archer says:

    And Mexico, by-and-large and with VERY rare exceptions, is a Gun-Free Zone. Ciudad Juarez, because of the drug cartels – and strong gun laws enforced on “normal” citizens – is one of the most violent and dangerous cities in the world.

    El Paso, TX, right across the border (literally; one step you’re in CJ and the next you’re in El Paso) has what the antis would call “lax gun laws” and is “awash with guns.” It’s also one of the SAFEST towns on the continent.

    Huh. It’s almost like guns DON’T factor into violent crime rates. Go figure.

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