Quote of the Day: Joan Peterson

A quick one from Joan:

Kids often know better than the adults in their lives and sometimes it takes a kid’s voice to call attention to our problems. For it is for our children that we need to change the way we are doing things. We can save lives if we choose to do so. Why wouldn’t we?

Kids know better than adults? BULLSHIT! Further this is reference to the Brady Campaign ad talked about here. Yes a child was exploited for this video (I say exploited because I know the Brady dire financial straits, and this voice actor was neither given credit in the ad, and I suspect they were given just as much compensation for their labor) but the words were written by an anti-rights adult who is NOT concerned about our safety, nor reality.

Joan is troubled and deranged, as well as reality challenged.

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One Response to Quote of the Day: Joan Peterson

  1. The Jack says:

    Ah yes, you can always count on the “expertise” of children to harp on a neo-luddite talking point based on fear and ignorance.

    Who cares if internet sales are nothing weird or special in the eyes of the law and are treated the same way as any other intra or interstate transfer.

    They’re *new*! So the antis can take advantage of ignorance to make ’em sound scary!

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