“Gun Death” More Deadly then Rifles

Hammers….they kill more people than rifles!

A Tampa-Bay area man who authorities say attacked his neighbor with a hammer has been charged with second degree murder with a weapon….Authorities say Brooks approached Jonathan Acree from behind at a Thonotosassa trailer park, striking him in the head and neck multiple times with a hammer.

Acree was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The sheriff’s office SWAT team was called to the home where Brooks was barricaded. Authorities say he surrendered after tear gas was shot into the mobile home. There was no one else in the trailer.

The SWAT team didn’t seem to think this hammer was simply harmless. But there are no calls for banning hammers, even tho the guns that people are attempting to ban take less lives than they do.

Its almost like people who cite “Gun Death” are full of shit.


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