“Gun Death” Out of The Frying Pan, Into the Fire

This is a really odd case:

Alex was living with foster parents after DFPS removed her from her parent’s home last November for “neglectful supervision.”

Hill admits they were smoking pot when their daughter was asleep.

Doesn’t really explain how this came about. Is just blowing a joint while your baby sleeping grounds to take a parent’s baby away, or was this more. I’d imagine nobody will care if I drink a Martini while my daughter sleeps…but drinking FIVE martinis might raise some eyebrows.

I don’t know, but for little Alex, things get way worse once Big Daddy .Gov steps in to “Help”.

“They wouldn’t tell me what condition she was in or what was wrong or what had happened. The only thing they would tell me is I needed to be there. When I got there, I found out that Alex was in a coma.”

For two days, they held out hope she would regain consciousness but on Wednesday night Alex was taken off life support.

Rockdale detectives say Small’s explanation didn’t match Alex’s injuries, so Thursday they arrested the foster mother on murder charges.

Man, and I’ll throw in the “Bad Justice” Tag too:

Officials with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services tell KVUE they rely on private child placing agencies to perform background checks on all foster homes.

The agency in this case is called Texas Mentor and state records show 15 total deficiencies for the Austin branch of that agency over the past two years.

Four of those deficiencies were for failing to perform proper background checks on people who live in foster homes.

Good job guys! Hey, but never once did a gun get involved! So no gun, no “Gun Death”, NO PROBLEM!

Background checks for guns should be “Universal” background checks for Foster homes…nah! Only “Gun Death” counts!

H/T Wallphone

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2 Responses to “Gun Death” Out of The Frying Pan, Into the Fire

  1. wizardpc says:

    I’m not sure I’d be able to restrain myself from beating the DFPS worker to a bloody pulp if I were that dad.

  2. Archer says:

    As a foster parent, I can testify as to the way it works here. You think a carry permit is hard to get? Try this:
    – 40+ hours of training to GET certified, documented ongoing training required
    – Full criminal background check, including fingerprinting
    – Family history (health and criminal) checks
    – Financial history checks
    – Home safety inspection (smoke/CO detectors, fire extinguishers, window blinds/screens, electrical outlet covers, barriers in front of “hazardous” items like fireplaces, etc.)

    Now, I can understand the need for most of that. Still, it’s easier to lose your kids to the foster system than it is to get certified to care for foster kids.

    As far as losing your kids for smoking pot: Around here, ANY time illegal drugs are found in a home with kids, the kids are taken. Period. I’m not sure I agree 100% with that law/rule – pot is relatively harmless compared to heroin or meth (or even alcohol or tobacco) – but there it is.

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