“Gun Death” Yard Junk

Funny how those who use “Gun Death” as a metric claim that guns need to be restricted because it makes murder “Too Easy”. If we all had guns people would murder each other over stupid shit.

A deadly dispute between two cousins at a home near Leander on Wednesday was over a garden hose, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

Reggie Horton, 47, got into an argument with his cousin, James Prestage, 41, at Prestage’s home in the 22900 bock of Big Sandy Drive in northwestern Travis County because a hose used to water horses had been left on overnight, according to the report.

“The argument escalated to James striking Horton on the head with his fist,” according to arrest warrant filed Thursday in Travis County. “Horton picked up a bicycle rim and struck James with it.”

The two then stopped fighting, but Horton later picked up a butcher knife and began walking back toward Prestage, who had emerged from his bedroom, according to the document. “When the two got within a few feet from one another, Horton stabbed James with the butcher knife,” it said.

A fight over NOTHING, with standard household miscellany as the weapons.

Sorry “Gun Death” Cultists, but it isn’t the tools that are the danger, its the people

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  1. joe Fitzroy says:

    Yes, its always the people and guns are always a tool.

    But when guns are available, murder or accidental death is EASY. A knife, a baseball bat or a fist takes real effort to kill people or seriously hurt them.

    Self defense using a gun is a lot more rare than people being bullied and threatened with guns, people being hurt with THEIR OWN guns inside their own home (usually by themselves or other family members) is much more common than those same guns ever being used in self defense or to thwart a burglary/rape/invasion/whatever.

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