“Highly Trained”

The anti-freedom types always exempt police from their goals of civilian disarmament because police are “More Highly Trained”.

Have a watch at this video:

First up its just awesome people are standing up for their rights, that’s paramount. No, you can’t search my vehicle, no I won’t answer your questions. Can I leave now? Am I being detained?

Still the really scary thing is the blank looks, and bullshit responses they get to “Am I being detained?” or “What probable cause do you have to think a crime is being committed?”

This is cop-school 100 crap. They go over rights, and limitation of power LONG before they ever hit the firing line, and long before they show an officer how to fill out a booking sheet.

It’s pretty obvious they’ve forgotten most of their training because the world is filled with sheep who simply do whatever the shiny badge tells them to. (This is also a great example of why a 4 year full-time training course for a CCW permit is worthless, as if they person isn’t a hardcore gun nut who’s willing to make frequent trips to the range and refresh their knowledge of justifiable homicide laws they’ll forget everything they learned in a few years)

More people need to do this, if for nothing, but the education of out law enforcement.

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2 Responses to “Highly Trained”

  1. TS says:

    Geat video, though several of them inadvertently answered the question by letting a line like this slip out, “i know my rights as an American”. Yet none of the officers picked up on that. They seemed more interested in getting compliance than the answer to the question. It would have been cute to see an officer say, “your rights as an American? Thank you, off you go.”


  2. Cargosquid says:

    They haven’t forgotten it. They are quite conscious of it. That’s why so many of them do not respond to the filmer’s questions.
    They CANNOT say no to “am I being detained” and still keep him there. They cannot say Yes without arresting him.

    Love it.

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