Gun Free Zones Aren’t So Safe

When there are violent cannibals about!

A man attacked by a baseball bat-wielding college student has sued the school where the attack happened, saying it failed to protect the community from the suspect who was later accused of cannibalism.

Twenty-three-year-old Joshua Ceasar of Egg Harbor Township, N.J., was left partially blind after the attack on the campus of Baltimore’s Morgan State University in 2012. The assault came days before the student, Alexander Kinyua, told authorities he killed a man staying with his family and ate the man’s heart and parts of his brain.

Note the killer observed the “Gun Free Zone” signs! Wouldn’t it have been a shame if somebody had shot this beast?


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  1. AZRon says:

    Please, please. We must be tolerant of other cultures. Diversity IS our strength as long as the diversity doesn’t include gun owners.

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