More On Moms Demand Action

We talked about it here, but I decided to go to the site itself to see if I could find ALL the ads from this campaign and I found this:

Ok so she’s saying Kinder Eggs are illegal in the United states, but so-called “Assault Weapons” are legal….so she’s giving out Kinder Eggs in DC?

First up, is this actually legal to do? Second, if its valid that we ban Kinder Eggs, why is she giving them out, and letting her own daughter snack on them while she uses her for political gains (classy!)?

Of course the rest of it is fact-free heart-string pulling on a video where the ratings and comments are disabled.

Also I thought I’d close this post with an image from Jason “Baldr” Kilgore’s pintrest:

Who are the people waiving the children around for emotional appeal to pass irrelevant laws again?

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5 Responses to More On Moms Demand Action

  1. Formynder says:

    As far as I know, the only regulations governing Kinder eggs only prevent their importation. There are no laws on possession or distribution. It wasn’t a law passed by Congress, just banned by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. But she probably was passing out a version made in NJ that I just read about.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Oh neat! So it makes their reasoning even more bullshit!

      But it’s kind of like how if I owned a semi-auto WASR-10 made in Romania it would be a crime…but if the gun was chopped into a parts kit, had a Century Arms receiver made for it, and several of the Romanian parts swapped for Tapco bits its now 100% legal. (I should know I used to have one of thems! IN MASSACHUSETTS!)

      Of course by the antis standards their own activists are “exploiting a loophole”!

      (BTW I tossed some HTML into your comment to put that long URL behind a hyperlink, I hope you don’t mind)

      • Jeff says:

        Just stopped by your blog, and although this is a little dated and nitpicky.. The WASR-10 is actually imported as a full barreled receiver. The receiver is Romanian. The only parts made by Century at the pistol grip, and maybe some plastic furniture – usually with a Tapco G2 FCG and a Tapco gas piston for 922r compliance.

  2. Formynder says:

    I don’t mind at all, I made that post from my phone and noticed the link was a bit unwieldy, but figured it’d be too difficult to fix from there.

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