My Thoughts on the Inauguration Speech

Just got a chance to see Obama’s Inaugural speech.

Mrs. Weer’d notes the similarities between his speech and many of the National Socialist dictators and mass-murderers of the past. I wasn’t 100% behind her until we had a very spirited discussion over dinner. She won me over.

Still the words of the bard stuck in my mind:

Mark Anthony, when he gave this speech was consumed with contempt and hatred of those who assassinated Caesar. Yet he continuously speaks of Brutus and Cassius’ “Honor”, and speaks of Caesar’s “Ambition”, tho he gives evidence that this is false.

That’s all I could think of when Obama quotes the Bill of Rights, and Dr. Martin Luther King.

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2 Responses to My Thoughts on the Inauguration Speech

  1. Once he said; “One nation, one people…” I found myself compelled to cry out; “Ein Fuerer!”

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