Of Course He Does

Criminal Administration:

Attorney General Eric Holder wants to appeal a recent judge’s ruling that allows the House to continue with its contempt case, related to Holder’s refusal to turn over documents concerning the Justice Department’s failed Operation Fast and Furious gun-tracking program.

Holder made the request Friday night to U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson, asking that the Justice Department be allowed to put the case in front of a federal appeals court before Jackson makes any final decisions.

In September, Jackson rejected the Obama administration’s request to have the case dismissed.

Of course they do, because the documents will likely send AG Holder to Prison, and give President Obama his well-deserved impeachment.

The sad thing is how long this has been going on. If Obama had been impeached, and Holder Imprisoned, we wouldn’t be knee-deep in a 2nd Term.


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4 Responses to Of Course He Does

  1. Cargosquid says:

    If the House was serious, they would have the Sergeant at Arms arrest him and hold him in the cell for that purpose that is in the House.

    Now THAT would be something to see.

  2. Archer says:

    If there were justice and/or he had any sense of propriety, Holder would recuse himself from office, on the grounds that while under investigation, he has a definite, articulable conflict of interest in being the nation’s top persecutor prosecutor (who has in fact prosecuted little but persecuted much).

    Unfortunately, there’s neither justice nor propriety at play here. None of his subordinates will lay charges against their boss, and he has the full cover and support of the White House as well. I think, despite critics’ claims, that Rep. Issa has done a pretty good job chronicling F&F in the Oversight committee, but I seriously question whether Boener has the spine to call for anything real. Holder’s the first AG in U.S. history to be held in contempt of Congress, but what has that produced? Nothing. If you or I were found to be in contempt of Congress (or court), would we still be walking free?

    In an ideal world, there’d be no way out of this for Holder other than a jail cell, but until he and Captain Zer-O are out of office, I firmly believe nothing will happen.

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