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Over at Joe’s:

When I go to linked articles like this, I commonly find that the comments run about 10:1 against the idiocy proposed, unless the link is to a NY Times article. I suppose selection bias could drive supporters of gun control to only read and comment on a limited number of websites, and supporters of self-defense rights to only read and comment on posts as egregiously ignorant as ones like the linked post here. But it seems more likely to me that there really are more people pro-gun than anti-rights based just on comment threads to many, many posts like this.

When even the Brady campaign’s Joan Peterson has a blog where there are only a handful of commenters agreeing with her, and the vast majority of comments disagreeing with her, I have to wonder what the actual level of support is for such nonsense.

Hence why the anti-gun people are beating the drum that “The vast majority of gun owners support *Agenda X*!!”

Talk is talk, and bullshit walks. If you have a huge majority for such-and-such anti-rights laws, you don’t need to constantly talk about your level of support…you just need to rouse that support and crush the opposition.

This is how the massive pro-gun victories have been done, as well as the massive anti-gun defeats. To Quote the Bard: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”

Or as we see on the pro-gun side. The dip-shit in Coyote Brown with the empty plate carrier and the $4,000 AR talking about what a “Badass Operator” he is, doesn’t amount to a hill of beans compared to the guy in plain jeans and a t-shirt, a Glock on his hip, and a shoebox at home under his bed filled with medals and pictures of people in horrible places in the world, who when you thank him on Veteran’s Day, or just generally thank him for his service he claims he was “Didn’t do anything” or “Was just doing his job”.

The biggest dude in the room doesn’t tell you how much of a badass he is, because he IS a badass, and knows how ugly things get when he’s forced to flex his muscles.

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