Throwing Money Down the Toilet

Bloomberg Attempts and Fails to Buy America:

NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre on Sunday challenged New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s plan to spend $12 million on ads meant to pressure senators into backing strict new gun control measures, saying Bloomberg “can’t buy America.”

Bloomberg’s pro-gun control group Mayors Against Illegal Guns is launching the campaign in states where senators may be on the fence regarding a package of firearms proposals making its way to the Senate floor. As the push for that legislation appears to falter, President Obama plans to soon tour the country to talk about the need to reduce gun violence, a senior administration official confirmed to Fox News. Bloomberg also confirmed Sunday that he plans to spend $12 million to run ads in at least 10 states, suggesting there could be a political price to pay for opposing the measures.

Turns out anti-rights fanatics like Bloomberg can only be elected in ultra-“Progressive” microcosms. Turns out his talking points are wildly unpopular in America.

I’m glad to see his money being wasted!

This is why groups like the NRA and Second Amendment Foundation have members, and the anti-rights groups just have employees.


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