Zero Intelegence

This school nonsense has GOT to stop! A little girl scolded and searched because of a paper gun in her pocket.

Have a look at the video for what the “Gun” looked like.

Do we really need people this stupid teaching our kids?


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2 Responses to Zero Intelegence

  1. Kim says:

    I was teetering on home-school as my eldest hits middle school next year and the Vegas Valley is horrid for upper schooling. I also considered going private, magnet, or charter. All this crap made my decision much easier and she will be home schooled. I am so done with this junk. It is beyond annoying to see our kids treated like imbeciles for playing innocently or for hugging a classmate.

  2. Roadkill says:

    Man, this just makes me so angry that I feel sad and empty inside…

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