Zimmerman Trial Over

He’s been Acquitted of All Crimes.

This is exactly how I hoped this would have happened. Zimmerman was being assaulted with deadly force just prior to him unholstering his weapon and firing. Further evidence showed that Zimmerman was a meek fellow without even a speeding ticket to his record, and Martin was the poster child for “Future Career Criminal Youth of America” (TM). Martin was into drugs, illegally owned a gun, had piles of infractions with his school (which he was suspended from at the time of his death), and while they won’t admit to it, there’s a reason why Trayvon’s mother had him serve out his suspension 200 miles from home at his father’s house in Sanford. They were concerned about the troubled path he was going down.

All of this, and the consistency with Zimmerman’s accounts of that evening lead me to believe that George Zimmerman would have been murdered that night if he hadn’t been carrying his gun.

Still I find myself reading the news with a Heavy Heart. There are SO many news accounts of people claiming racism…for racist reasons. This is a case about racism in America, but not the way the media is spinning it. This is a case about how our nation is willing to look the other way when blacks spout hatred and violence against people of a lighter skin tone in this country.

Further those of us who hoped, and are happy for a Zimmerman acquittal are NOT calling him a “Hero”. I think we all wish he had just moved on that night, and probably see the whole “Neighborhood Watch” crap as just another nosy Homeowner Association pile of crap.

A long time ago somebody told me “Never draw your firearm for ANYBODY who you aren’t willing to go to jail for.” and this is a prime example. Zimmerman thought he saw a young man attempting to break into a house. This wasn’t his house, this wasn’t his next door neighbor, and likely this is somebody he barely knows.

It sucks, but just drive on.

Still while we’re not all that interested in Zimmerman as a figurehead for the self-defense movement, the anti-rights movement is all about making Trayvon Martin the figurehead for their movement.

George Zimmerman was found not guilty today of any wrongdoing, proving, beyond a shadow of doubt, that it is perfectly legal in Florida for someone to stalk an unarmed, black boy through a neighborhood at night, confront him, and shoot him dead, and be able to claim self-defense.

The fact that he stalked the boy through his neighborhood, against 911 advice, without so much as identifying himself, was never in question. The fact that Zimmerman confronted the boy and fought with him was never in question. The fact that he shot and killed that unarmed boy was never in question. The only real question was how lenient Florida law was for this to happen and get away with it.

Yep, Just ignore the fact that Zimmerman had his face pounded in at the time of his arrest, and the only injuries to Martin were damage to his knuckles and the hole in his heart. And of course ignore the fact that Martin was a troubled teen with documented history of violence, drug use, theft.

This little gang-banger is the face of gun control. They want us disarmed so that we too can have our heads beaten into the ground.

And of course no matter how conclusive the ruling is, George Zimmerman will never truly be free. Jason “Baldr” Kilgore links this article…seeming with glee.

The acquittal of George Michael Zimmerman, 29, means he’s a free man and will be able to walk out of the courthouse because he’s no longer in police custody.

He will be free, if he chooses, to leave Seminole County, Florida. But one of his attorneys, Mark O’Mara, has said that Zimmerman is a marked man and lives in fear for his life.

In fact, during court proceedings, Zimmerman didn’t disclose where he had been residing for more than a year, and he dared to venture outdoors only when in disguise. Zimmerman also wore body armor.

They skip out on the more brutal threats and campaigns.

pretty shameful there!

Still at the time of my writing there are no riots or “Street Justice” killings. If we can make it until Monday I’d say the danger will be mostly over.

I’m glad for that.

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4 Responses to Zimmerman Trial Over

  1. Will B. says:

    I swear it’s like some people think Zimmerman beat the crap out of Martin till where he could not fight back and then stood over him and executed him.

    • Pyrotek85 says:

      That’s pretty much exactly how they’re spinning it. They’re considering it an execution when all evidence points to a desperate struggle to save himself from being beaten to death.

      Many people deem him guilty merely because he carried a gun, and they believe that’s somehow premeditation. They’re ignorant of that fact that people who carry for self defense generally do so everywhere, not for any specific places.

      I’m a little curious how this would have played out if he had reached for an improvised weapon of some sort, like a rock on the ground. Somehow I don’t think it’d have made much of a difference, but maybe not as much national attention if they couldn’t easily drag gun rights into it.

    • Bob S. says:


      Exactly what some people are saying (emphasis mine)

      More than 16 months after George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, the images from the case are engrained. For some: a teenaged boy in a hoodie, carrying Skittles and an Arizona Iced Tea, shot in the back by a wannabe cop who was armed with a gun and a prior history of violence.


  2. Bob S. says:

    Somewhere I read that the Medical Examiner failed to adequately autopsy Martin. Since his death was due to blood loss; there was no blood to pool/clot in the broken capillaries of his hands.
    In other words had he lived longer, his hands might have shown the results of his pounding Zimmerman.

    As far as Jason Kilgore, he stopped allowing comments on his blog after he said someone threatened him. Imagine how Zimmerman feels Mr. Kilgore when his face was put on Wanted Posters. Imagine how Zimmerman feels to see the news reports of people tweeting if he is acquitted they will kill him.

    How would you react if you had been receiving the same threats Jason?

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