A Bold Leap Forward in Mobile Technology

So as you all should know I’m a pretty hardcore Android OS guy. Well this weekend I decided the ease of use, affordability of product, and multitude of options for platforms was just too much for me to bear. So I wandered into the Apple store at the local Mall.

There it was, the piece of technology I’d always wanted! I had to buy it!


Yep, I got myself an iSwatch! It’s AMAZING! It tells time and runs Apple aps and only moderately cripples my non-dominant hand!

Still the story goes on! I hadn’t read about this product in any of the Apple press, nor on their website, but I guess my Apple store has some sort of promotional thing. For the same price of the iSwatch, I was able to get the iSwatch Plus!


Just AMAZING! That screen is HUGE! Great for watching movies and I can now fed off attacks as if I was wearing a buckler shield! I already feel my left arm cramping up!


I had to troll Alan with that one!

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2 Responses to A Bold Leap Forward in Mobile Technology

  1. docstrange says:


    “Small child not included with plus model…”

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yeah I really dug the fat toes that showed up in that one. Didn’t mean to put them in the shot, but there they were.

      Actually kinda reminds me of the FAL Files rule that you need to include your feet in a picture of your rifle.

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