I Really Expected it to Be Worse!

So I saw these in a store a while back. I was REALLY grossed out, and didn’t buy it.

But the question loomed in my mind… HOW BAD???

Well I picked up some beer at the local liquor store to braise some beef (one beer) and for recreation (the other five) and there it was sitting in a ramshackle display:


That is “The Club” “Gin Martini”. They have a whole bunch of these little 200 ml cans with various cocktails in them. Priced at $2, I thought I’d bite.

Really not bad. Now mind you, it’s nothing great either. It certainly isn’t made with great gin, but it does taste like a martini, and not those silly “Let the vapors of the vermouth fall on the glass” martinis, you can taste the vermouth as well. Really isn’t terrible. Of course this is aided by the fact that it is only 42 proof, so it is a VERY watered-down Martini. Still for $2, I’ve paid more at a bar for worse martinis.

A fun little adventure. We’ll see if I’m dead in the morning.

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