A Serious WTF Story

Man this is just gross!

Police officers in Honolulu have taken their lobby mantra to lawmakers, insisting that the ability to have sex with prostitutes in undercover operations is a necessary evil that lets them do their jobs.

Their arguments come as Hawaiian legislators are mulling whether or not to drop an exemption for police from state prostitution laws, The Associated Press reported. But police say don’t: We have to be able to catch lawbreakers in the actual act.

Critics of the exemption say it leads to further victimization of those in the sex trade, some of whom are only there because they’ve been forced. And among those critics is Derek Marsh, an official who trains police in California on human trafficking issues — and who finds it most curious that Hawaiian cops insist they need the provision but won’t say how many times they use it.

Fucking NASTY! So these cops want to bang prostitutes, and then once they’ve been serviced stiff them on the bill and slap them in bracelets? You know you COULD just catch ACTUAL Johns in the ACTUAL act and get two (or more if there is a pimp or multiple workers/clients involved) people arrested for your police dollar. Or you could do like the rest of the country and just arrest prostitutes for SOLICITING, rather than full-on coitus.

OR the last, and sadly the most controversial, is let two (or more) consenting adults do whatever they want in privacy, and don’t get all riled up if money exchanges hands. This would free up police to tackle violent criminals, or pimps who push under-age girls into the sex trade. You know, the crimes that actually HURT people.


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4 Responses to A Serious WTF Story

  1. The Great Wall of Texas says:

    I guess all the vice cops tell their wives they’re in narcotics.

  2. JPD says:

    WHOA! there cowboy……all kinds of problems with your article. First, we all know that LEO are part of the “special” people that are ENTITLED to extra benefits and avoidance of any and all laws they feel like ignoring.

    Secondly, you make the assumption that LEO should be out catching bad guys that hurt people. What planet did you say you were from? It certainly isn’t the one called Earth (LOL).

    LEO’s primary responsibilities are in activities that generate income for their respective jurisdiction. This is actually from their own reports of the percentage of time spent, per department, on specific law enforcement categories. Most departments report from 50 to 75% of man hours that generate revenue.

    I am not taking a shot at just “our” LE agencies. 4000 years of recorded history show that law enforcement has never made reducing violent crime a #1 priority.

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