Actor’s Revealed for the New Star Wars

Many may know, but I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan, after the Aliens series Star Wars is my favorite Sci-Fi Franchise. Yes that means I like Prometheus, and Alien: Resurrection, and actually consider Alien3 (especially the rough director’s cut) to be the best film in the series. Still the Last three movies sucked. I think George Lucas, like Quentin Tarantino, has surrounded by sycophants who constantly tell him his shit doesn’t stink, so they have lost their old-day glory when they were terrified of becoming a failure.

Now that Lucas has sold the rights to Star Wars the next films will have nothing to do with him. This COULD be bad, but frankly not having Lucas at the helm means the chances of it being terrible are non-zero!

They have announced the new actors in the Episode VII film!

The rumors can be put to rest. Word finally arrived Tuesday morning confirming precisely which actors will have a role in “Star Wars: Episode VII,” the film that will return George Lucas’ galaxy far, far away to the multiplex Dec. 18, 2015.

Adam Driver, best known for his role in HBO’s “Girls,” and Oscar Isaac, who won considerable acclaim for his turn in the Coen brothers “Inside Llewyn Davis,” will appear alongside Irish actor Domhnall Gleeson, performance capture expert Andy Serkis and venerable Swedish thespian Max von Sydow. Also in the mix are John Boyega, known for his work in the fan favorite film “Attack the Block,” and newcomer Daisy Ridley.

I friggin’ LOVE Max Von Sydow, that man is SOLID gold! From The Seventh Seal, to the best Ernst Blowfeld in Bond (Never Say Never Again! Blowfeld with a BEARD!!) and all sorts of other great performances, he’s awesome. Also Andy Serkis is a genius in my book. I’m still waiting for the Studio to green-light his animated production of Animal Farm!

The others I don’t know at all, but their resumes are impressive. This of course means nothing as the first films starred nobodies with the exception of Alec Guinness who wasn’t well known in the states anyway, and the newer films had an amazing all-star cast giving TERRIBLE performances!

Still this I am NOT looking forward to!

The principal actors from Lucas’ original saga, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew and Kenny Baker, are also set for director J.J. Abrams’ new film.

Now I can’t comment on Kenny Baker’s chops, and Anthony Daniels has maintained his Glory in all six films, Peter Mayhew has a lot of health problems due to his massive size. Harrison Ford has aged the most gracefully of the non-makeup clad heroes, but that’s a low bar to clear. Seen any recent interviews with him? He seems to be in a constant drugged-out stupor, and his recent performances have shown all the energy and comedy of a corpse. This will NOT be a way to remember an old Han Solo. Worse yet is Carrie Fisher who is fat, crazy, and really hasn’t shown any valid performance since Jedi closed. Mark Hamil still has the acting chops in the voice-over booth, but see also with the fat and crazy.

Asking the original stars to return was a mistake, and all the special effects in the world will not be able to animate these corpses, unless they do whatever cool business they did in Terminator: Salvation to bring a fully CGI 1984 Arnold Schwarzenegger to the screen.

I’ll still watch it because JJ Abrams was awesome, and frankly he brought the glory of The Goonies and ET to life with Super 8, I don’t see why he can’t channel that same classic energy to Star Wars!


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11 Responses to Actor’s Revealed for the New Star Wars

  1. siddhartha says:

    Use the fork Luke….

  2. Bob S. says:

    Can we hire someone to stand on the set so that every time JJ Abrams even thinks “lens flare” they can smack him with a clue bat?

  3. McThag says:

    Star Wars is Space Opera, not science-fiction.

    I’ll bet you already knew this.

    Sci-fi really is all about remaining internally consistent to the things you’ve declared about your universe; a bar that the Alien franchise fails to clear starting with #3 (sorry). It might be an entertaining film standing on its own, but it’s not consistent with the declarations of the previous canon and THAT MATTERS!

    It’s why Star Trek is so loathed. Particle of the week? What did the transporter do THIS time? Nothing we discovered about those particles or the transporter ever surface in the show again?

    I think that’s why Niven and Pournelle will never be made into movies, they stay consistent with their declarations. Check out “Safe At Any Speed” for why Niven essentially gave up on Known Space.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yes, I know, and a long time ago in a galaxy far-far away. I was doing the general umbrella talk of space ships and aliens and war ect.

      You BTW are 100% correct with Alien3. They fucked up the Alien Biology, they set the record that a solitary Alien drone left alone would become a queen on it’s own, and the “Queen Chest Burster” was solid crap. Still it has one of the best casts, one of the creepiest settings, and after Ridley Scott, David Fincher claims #2 with Camera Work and film grading. Bishop II could go either way BTW, I personally think he’s a droid with better mimicking skills.

      So Yes, as Cannon its crap, but hey Ripley was just a Warrant Officer on a cargo vessel, WTF does she know about Alien Biology? Maybe she read the med scanner wrong?

  4. bluesun says:

    Color me… cautiously pessimistic. If they were starting from a clean slate I’d be all over it, but with the return of the old people… guess if they’re just doing a cameo, or only in the first 5 minutes it could be ok.

  5. BenC says:

    Pretty much agree with all of your criticisms but on the plus side in addition to JJ abrams you have Lawrence Kasden (who wrote Empire) doing the script.
    I do not see how they are going to use the original stars unless they set it at least a decade in the future or they are just cameo roles for a flashback. Also thought that not taking advantage of the expanded universe was a mistake lot of good stuff there.

  6. Will Brown says:

    Regarding the on-screen appearance issue of the older actors, consider what was achieved with Chris Evans’ appearance in the fisrt Captain America film. Evans is like 6′ 4″ and 220-ish and is made to realistically (enough) appear to be what – 5′ 4″ and 150? And did so during some quite physically active scenes.

    As long as Dear Carrie and Friends can still read (or have whispered into their ear al’a Marlon Branda over a decade ago) the correct line of dialogue at the appropriate time, the rest can all be “movie magic” for all (most of) the target audience will care.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      That is true! Those opening scenes of Captain America were quite impressive. Still if they can make Ford seem conscious, and Hamil and Fisher not totally banged up, that would trump Captain America easily!

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