American’s Love Their Freedom!

You’ll often hear people noting the Happiest People in the world are the people of neo-socialist countries where their every whim is cared for. Of course my lovely wife quickly points out that these nations also have amazingly small populations, and the idea of reflecting that into America is a recipe for disaster.

She just sent me this article:

When asked to rate their state as a place to live, three in four Montanans (77%) and Alaskans (77%) say their state is the best or one of the best places to live. Residents of Rhode Island (18%) and Illinois (19%) are the least likely to praise their states.

Now looking at the list, population density seems to still makes a big difference, and maybe we’re talking chicken and egg, but it seems that the happiest states are the ones where the people are simply left alone to live life the way they choose, and the unhappiest states are the ones with the most nanny-like governments. Of course the denser your population, the more your existence impinges on your neighbors, so the .gov sets in to keep the peace. Chicken or egg, still I must say, for a Massachusetts resident, I live in one of the most right-wing towns in the state, and the taxes, laws, and regulations are felt daily. We’re packed in tight here, where an acre lot is an estate, still when my neighbor wanted to burn some brush in his yard, the fire department told him the fire danger was low, and so long as the flames were quenched by sun-down they didn’t care what he did. Also anybody in this town who want’s a carry permit and can pass a NICS check gets one. For Massachusetts, I’m pretty happy here.

Reminds me of this scene from Lord of the Rings:

While other countries might be happy suckling on the benevolent teat of a neo-Marxist government, those countries are not filled with Americans, and we have a different dream for how our lives should be.

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