And Now Time To Troll Wally

OK so I hate .40 S&W, it throws less bullet than .45 but has what feels like twice the recoil, and it’s performance is really academically different from 9×19 but more recoil, and less mag capacity.

I generally felt the same way about .357 SIG, and I tease Mike W and Wally for their love of it.

Still I’ve warmed to the cartridge. Rather than thinking of it as 9×19 +P+ with lower magazine capacity and more difficulty of finding ammo and reloading, I’ve started to think about it as .38 Super without the unnecessarily long cartridge and the semi-rim.

Also Wally makes a great point for .357 SIG. Reliability! Since it’s essentially a 9mm Bullet being pushed into a .40 S&W chamber you can quickly see that the feed geometry is a lot more forgiving.

Start Trolling!!!

Interesting seeing how the Broomhandle works, and the unnecessarily long travel the bolt takes. Still watch at the end for that jam! Even that .30 Mauser can jam! 🙂

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  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    I hate to say it in these days of High Powder Prices, but I’d think .357 SIG is one of those Cartridges that should be Reloaded. Unlike .223 (TODAY!) which is almost a throwaway, (because the cost of the components exceeds the cost of a Commercial Round), if one is rolling with .357 SIG, one should be cranking the Handle on the Press, ’cause I don’t see it ever being cheap.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Still while not TERRIBLY difficult, .357 SIG is not a beginner’s reloading cartridge. I never did the per-requisite reading but because the neck of that case is so damn short you need to be very careful on how you seat and crimp the bullet, also I belive not all 9mm bullets will work with that case, but don’t take my word for it, reloaders, do your research.

  2. Mike w. says:

    Weer’d, in the days before the great ammo shortages you could actually get .357 SIG case lots for relatively cheap. Now?……hah! And Georgia Arms has been out of stock of the stuff for ages. It’s certainly not gonna get any cheaper, given that many major companies have stopped carrying guns in the caliber. Didn’t S&W even drop the 357 M&P from their line up? I know HK dropped it.

    I still have about 2K rounds of the stuff I squirreled away years back that I bought for ~$225 / 1K!

    • Weerd Beard says:

      M&P did drop the .357 SIG, kinda made me sad because that is a cool gun to have, as with just a barrel swap you can shoot .40, and then barrel and recoil assembly and magazine you can shoot 9! It’s a swiss Army gun!

      I’m sure you can still find .357 SIG M&P barrels.

      Tho SIG themselves are now making ammo, and guess what caliber they load!

  3. Sendarius says:

    In days past, I had a modified Para P-16 that I shot in IPSC competition.

    That .40 S&W generated so much gas that with a compensator, there was almost no muzzle flip – lots of recoil, but it was almost all straight back.

    I loved it, and then the f(%&@$# Oz government banned it, and forced me to sell it to them.

  4. Wally says:

    I never understood why the 357sig has been called difficult to reload. It’s pretty straightforward, and I find it easier (and faster) than straightwall pistol cases. Since it’s a bottleneck, the neck is expanded during the resize operation – and doesn’t need a second die set up to bell the mouth of the case. I’ve loaded about a zillion rounds of 357 with out issue.

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