And You Are Outraged Why?

Gotta love this anti-rights pearl-clutching:

The National Rifle Association went after a gun activist in the September issue of its American’s First Freedom magazine with an odd account of her professional background.

The writer, Dave Kopel, is shocked that the head of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense, Shannon Watts, describes herself as a stay-at-home mom but has worked in the past and runs a public relations firm from her home. The NRA piece is complete with an image of Watts surrounded by household items

Kopel takes issue with Watts’ description of the group as a “grassroots” effort since she is an experienced public relations professional with former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg as a client. Moms Demand Action is now part of Bloomberg’s group of gun control organizations.

And Kopel is upset that Watts “purports to speak for all mothers” when she actually “speaks only for a relatively small group of highly gullible people, including some mothers.”

And what’s the issue? Watts claims she’s a Stay-at-home Mom, but as far as I can tell has ALWAYS been a full-time lobbyist. She claims to be an “Ordinary Mom”, but really is an uber-wealthy political operative willing to work for whoever will pay her six-figure salary. She also claims to lead a “Grass Roots Group started on an ordinary facebook page”, but she’s just a subordinate to Michael Bloomberg who orchestrated the whole thing as his “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” collapsed around him as countless members dropped out, wrote angry letters about being listed when they were never a member, or were sent to prison.

Why are they outraged? It’s all true, and even this leftist author can’t deny it.

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2 Responses to And You Are Outraged Why?

  1. Bob S. says:

    The truth doesn’t fit the narrative and they desperately need that in order to pass off their lies.

    Professional PR flack takes on media and propaganda NRA doesn’t have the same ring as “Mom moved by Sandy Hook deaths starts grass roots campaign. They can’t demonize the NRA as representing a small fraction of the people if they represent even less.

    And they are outraged because people like to dig once they find an opening; Watts is unwilling to put the numbers out there for review (can you say 74 school shootings??) regarding memberships, deaths, crime rates.

  2. Thirdpower says:

    And none of the commentors are able to progress pass ‘NRA has small penis’ type comments.

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